Evolution, social genes, and brain plasticity

stoneageYour social genes haven’t changed in the past 200,000 years. They are still the same as when humans were hunter gatherers, the stone age. Social genes are the genes that define behavior.

Where do we see this? Hunter-gatherers were not adventurous. They didn’t go hunting again, until they had to. They preferred to share, to be nice to each other, that way they didn’t have to risk confrontation. This lived in clans, hunted in clans, and followed the leaders.

They judged everything by their first impression of it, or by prejudice: they didn’t experiment, didn’t stop to think, didn’t give second chances. A wolf in sheep’s clothing would be accepted as sheep.

And yet, this bunch of scared followers now live in cities, drive cars, study at universities.
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What are the 13 new capacities that were included in the DNA Upgrade of September 4?

dna capacities turned on make your dna look like a christmas tree lit up

I wrote this article two years ago, in 2013. Today I use different words to express what I did then. I say, today, that capacities inherent in human DNA were activated… instead of added.

But other than that… this article is as good as new… With, or course the major difference, of publicly activating capacities and seeing if they are taken or not, if they are resisted and how.

In the two years or so before the DNA upgrade of September 4, 2013, my job was to coach people in activating their human being capacities, raise their vibration, access their soul’s guidance, and connect to Source.

In hindsight, I’d signed up to do failed experiments so Source can learn humans and the human condition intimately.

In the first phase, it became clear that you cannot activate capacities in people that are unconscious and are driven by dark desires, greed, and lust.

In the second phase it became clear that even with individual activation something was amiss: humans are not even able to see that they are a result of co-creation, and they cannot just hold out their hands and get what they think they need and want.

In the third phase I worked out methods that could work if humans had some missing capacities added to their DNA.
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DNA upgrade, DNA activation… Avatar State Audio Activators… what is what?

Upgrade vs. Activation

Upgrade is adding something new… like a new capacity, a new ability.

Activation is forcing you to use what you have, your capacities, your abilities.

Activators are small nudging devices that don’t leave you alone until you actually start and continue using capacities they are programmed to activate.

No one uses their capacities to the max, that is why at vibration 990 I was still benefiting from using the Harmonize your Vibration activator, that was designed as an entry level, non-defined activator… to start to dig you out of the rut of your lowly habits of slothfulness of thinking and being.