Thought experiments. Why won’t you do them?

Humans, some of them, are capable, genetically, to have thought experiments. Animals can only learn through trial and error.

Now, everything that is beyond animal is controlled by DNA, genes. By genes that can be set to on or to off… These genes could be called epigenetic genes… where epi means: on or above in Greek. And ‘epigenetic’ describes factors beyond the genetic code. Epigenetic changes are modifications to the DNA that regulate whether genes are turned on or off. These modifications are attached to DNA and do not change the sequence of DNA. Continue reading “Thought experiments. Why won’t you do them?”

The secret life of the superiors also called the 1000

If you managed to listen to the whole two hours of Alex Hormozi answering questions video, you can tell that there is a common way 1000’s think and behave.

One of these is to avoid doing things in order to… Agenda replaced the joy of doing.

The joy of doing?

Yeah. Continue reading “The secret life of the superiors also called the 1000”

The tail of the dragon… or wherein hides the power.

I started this topic, the dragon tail, in the third of today’s mini podcast episode… It is going to require a lot of looking to flash it out, so I am turning to the modality that can bear thinking, and doesn’t complain if between two sentences hours or days pass… like audio and video would. And maybe even private conversations. Continue reading “The tail of the dragon… or wherein hides the power.”

Where attention goes energy goes. Attention can cause

attention energyThe question is: are YOU causing your attention? Are you causing what you want to cause?

I always thought I was curious, but I am finding out: you cannot be curious if you are not open.

One of the issues of my soul correction is not being open. Self-protection, personal-reality protection. Continue reading “Where attention goes energy goes. Attention can cause”

Energetic Truth: ‘Trying’ Makes You Unsuccessful

I tried but it didn't workTrying: the energetic truth why ‘trying’ backfires…

‘Trying’ is one of those words that have multiple meanings so you don’t catch that you are actually avoiding something.

Example: Trying something in a clothing store: you actually put it on and look and feel how it fits you.

But almost everywhere else trying means that you are not doing it, not putting it on, not attempting it, you are just giving it lip service.

There are all kinds of slogans, which, although they point in the right direction, use an invalid and untrue justification why you should follow them.

Let’s do an experiment: try to touch your nose. If you touched your nose, you didn’t understand the instructions. I didn’t say ‘touch your nose.’ I said TRY to touch your nose. Trying is NOT doing. Someone who is trying to do something behaves in one of two ways, neither of which is effective:
Continue reading “Energetic Truth: ‘Trying’ Makes You Unsuccessful”

You can get unstuck only if you see what keeps you stuck

racket, the man eating machineMy teacher, Robert Hartman famously said: to know good you need to study evil. To turn your life around, you need to study what keeps you stuck.

As I am gearing up to teach the machine that we call the racket, I am getting emails from participants, people who registered in the workshop.

Those who are smart (not many :-\ ) come prepared. Armed in having witnessed enough of the distinction and the process to be able to recognize it on themselves by buying the Racket Course… have questions.

I am sure the rest of them want me to do all the work, and make them good, pretty, slim, smart, happy, rich… did I leave anything out?

The racket is a machine. It has a trigger that is an on-switch… and it even has an off-switch. Continue reading “You can get unstuck only if you see what keeps you stuck”

What does the 99% do that the 1% doesn’t? Bread and circus

Panem et circenses. That is Bread and circuses… in Latin, the language of ancient Rome.

Give the masses bread and circus (entertainment) and they won’t look at what you do on the top. Superficial appeasement. Continue reading “What does the 99% do that the 1% doesn’t? Bread and circus”

I am not good enough. Other people are better than me

sentence: not good enoughThis was people’s sentence, predominantly, when I first did my Landmark programs, back in mid-1980’s.

I remember asking myself: in what aren’t they good enough? Compared to what?

I could see that they don’t ask those questions… It is a 3-year old, barely able to speak, who says those things.

The language of the ‘sentence’, sentence as in ‘you are sentenced to lifetime imprisonment without parole’ was made up by your 3-year old… And the problem is in the language on the intellectual level of a 3-year old.

Not good enough, if your child genes turned off when they were supposed to turn off, is a great guidance. It tells you where you need work, where you need to grow, where you need to get better.

But that is an adult speaking… Not a child. An adult who can look and see… Continue reading “I am not good enough. Other people are better than me”

Why can the 1% do what you can’t do? And how could you?

In my site’s statistics, it is readily apparent that 70% of all visitors to my site are brand new, and have never visited before. They come from some old article, and have no idea about the scope of the work that is delivered here.

Most of the visitors are interested in finding out their eating style… The second biggest group is interested in the law of attraction as far as getting money, attracting money goes.

And the third highest number are people who think they are already enlightened…

Maybe two people a week are interested in what I am really doing: using energy to transform misery to productivity and fulfillment… Turn 99 percenters into 1 percenters.

Only a few people refer their friends or their family to me, because what happens to them is not flashy. Starting out being miserable like everyone else but pretending to be happy, thinking yourself worthless, not OK, not measuring up, going to finally getting things done, paying attention to what is important, etc. is not flashy: most people cannot see the difference.

You really cannot see what you cannot distinguish.

Losing 30 lbs? Yeah, very visible. Having a pile of money? Very visible. No need to see how, and why, and what it took… By the way.

This article will, through three clients’ recent email, show you what happens that unless you can see it, you can’t see it. All the results happen from clients starting to see what they could not see before. Continue reading “Why can the 1% do what you can’t do? And how could you?”

Rules, concerns, or why the energies would not work for you

path to what you wantIf you have hopes to become happy, Today’s Monday Morning Memo is right up your alley… it teaches what you CAN do, HOW you can look and see reality, and be happy, excited, joyful… instead of how and what you are now.

Without gene adjustment. Probability that it will work… without energetic adjustment: 3%. The effectiveness of words to your behavior and worldview.

Yesterday’s Inner Authority class was very instructive to me: I found out that many people consider that what they get from me, energies, adjustments, etc. are non-important, non-essential, maybe even non-real… as in ‘they are my way to extort money‘.

The more you can consider my energy interventions real, real-real… the more willing you’ll be to do what co-creative actions you need to take.

Energies, for the most part, can only change physical reality if and when some action is added, concurrently.

Example: … Continue reading “Rules, concerns, or why the energies would not work for you”