Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable

seven-soul-heads-w350Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable as unique individual expressions of All That Is.

This is very catchy… titillating even. I read this on a blog talking about the reincarnated soul… Barry McGuiness: personal vibration: 170. Truth value of teaching: 4%.

People look at spiritual work as titillating, and that is why nothing happens as a result of the “work” they do. 1

Work is always painful. Work is never “nice”, never an experience, never passive. The soul isn’t doing the work, and the world’s people consciousness isn’t like the Bell Curve…

It’s more like 99.99999999999999% of humanity is unconscious, and has scarcely any spiritual capacities working for them.
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67 days to a new you: health, money, relationship?

67stepsSometimes I wish I could force you to buy something I know you need, and I know you’ll really benefit from.

I have signed up to Tai Lopez 67 steps program. He says that research now says that it takes 67 days to establish a new way of being, a new take on life… That is why it lasts 67 days.

It is dripped out one session a day, for 67 days. I signed up yesterday, so I had two sessions, two audios to watch today.

I don’t know if he can keep this up, but both sessions talk about something I should talk about, and as soon as I make it mine, I will… I do have a commitment to never just repeat something, but make it mine first.

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What’s the difference between a spiritual assignment and a spiritual practice?

time-to-let-go-web-400pxYour life is full of assignments, things you have to do to survive, things you have to do to fit in, things you have to do to make a living, etc. etc. etc.

What you don’t have is conscious practices.

Until you have practices you are not growing, and you are actually shrinking.

The experience of shrinking is what you experience when I check you: you are anxious, you are afraid, you are resisting, you are in pain.

You have no idea that it is caused by not growing. So you want healing, you want a remedy, you want a relief.

Spiritual practice that will make you grow? Hell no.

  1. An assignment is to get something done.
  2. A practice is to build pathways, skill, a new you. Doing it once, twice, thrice won’t do it. You have to do it day in and day out

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Being in your head… being out of your head… choose one

  1. voices go silentI don’t do well with people who are intense. I am not sure why, but my physiology gets all tense, resistant, and I just want to go away, or watch a movie, or go to bed.All those sensations are in the horizontal aspect of me. We could call it “my head”, even though the feelings are in my body. But it’s shorter and more popular to say “I am in my head” than to say: I am pulled into my horizontal, lower self. Right?
  2. I used to live in my head. I didn’t notice until there was something happening outside of my head. I only noticed that I was missing it.too_much_condo_data_960x540I was missing togetherness. Intimacy. Feeling a touch. Mostly the sexual aspect of it. I went through the motions, while I really wasn’t there.I went to dances and wasn’t present. I didn’t even see my dance partner’s face, or if I did, I saw it through the haze of my thoughts.I had only one way to go to sleep: to knock myself out with circular breathing that actually made me faint. Otherwise I would be up and in my head all night.
  3. I talk to people, and I can feel that they are not there. There is no echo. Where are they? In their head… thinking about what I said… I guess.
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Workshop: Get unstuck with the detached capacity

stuck_in_a_rutWhat would you do if you could do anything?

It’s hard to answer, isn’t it?

After all seeing the whole big world with all its possibilities and opportunities is very hard when you live in a small box created by the mind, by the dominant beliefs, and your doom.

And it’s a big problem!

I asked a friend of mind what he would do if he were a millionaire. He said he would fly his private plane… That’s it. Could not see anything else!

I have been working on creating a communication course, but given that so many of you are stuck, and so many of you are having difficulty getting out of your minds: first things first:
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Greed, reactivity, wanting

You may or may not know, but I have been battling some energetic attachments, that keep coming back.

An attachment is like a snake: it goes deep and eats you from the inside out.

It’s been a week, maybe more. Quite horrible, if you ask me.

This morning, thinking of the workshops over the weekend, it was time to take a serious look at this situation.

Can I lead a webinar if an attachment jumps on me while I am leading? And it will, if today is any indication: since 7 am I have removed it more than 10 times… so the frequency is about 30 minutes.

Turns out that I can connect to Source, I just can’t feel it, because the sensation in my Tangerine Spot is overpowered by the attachment, one of them, that is about an inch only from my Tangerine Spot.

So I consulted Source, went deep within, and waited for intuition.

This is what I have gotten so far:
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Children. All become stupid, ugly grown-ups

“Intelligence is the inborn capacity to see, to perceive. Every child is born intelligent, then made stupid by the society. We educate him in stupidity. Sooner or later he graduates in stupidity.
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How many pieces of information can you play with in your brain? Do you have a keyhole view of the world?

chess helps you get more ram for your brainWhat is real thinking, as opposed to having thoughts, or recalling what someone said someplace?

I have been pondering.

My method for pondering is this: I play Freecell, so I am tied to my computer, so I must be sitting. My hands are busy, my eyes are busy, even my mind is busy.

The part of me that does thinking, on the other hand, is free. Free to do, what I call thinking or pondering.

I read a lot, and oftentimes I muscle test if it is true, but some things, moral, ethical, real spiritual things I like to see for myself.

Osho says somewhere that the understanding man doesn’t think, because the understanding man sees.

It is easy to see that if the thing to see is outside, you don’t have to think, you see. Red is red, and blue is blue. You see it.

But when the thing is inside, you need to set it up to see. So the understanding man can set up structures in their brain to look at. You need to use your random access memory (RAM), the instant memory function of the brain, to set up what you want to see.
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Why do I use harsh language, why do I provoke you all the time? Or how do you grow a self?

provocation18One of my jobs in causing transformation is to be an agent provocateur… to provoke people in my articles, on my webinars… keep on provoking.

Everything that upsets you drives up some way that you are off… off from the Tree of Life.

One recent occurrence was provoking Canadians about Canada.

Canadians are very sensitive about their country… just like a fat woman is sensitive about being called fat.

When you are offended… you can be sure that you identified with something outside of you… and don’t have a self.

In order to do this work, you need a crystallized self… as Gurjieff said.

I have no idea what that means, but no self is definitely not that… lol.

The slightest wind upsets you… you have no core, you have no toughness… you’ll never grow, until you grow a self.

How do you grow a self?
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Clueless… why clueless people don’t see themselves clueless?

I am fineClueless

When we say we are clueless, it means that we don’t know. We feel like we are in a fog where every direction looks equally bleak… we don’t start, because we want to go in the right direction.

Now, is that clueless, or is that feeling clueless?

Let’s look at an example:

More than 100 thousand pages talk about DNA activation. Thousands on thousands of people look for that.

They are promised instant enlightenment, whatever that is.

Now, the truth is, there is no instant enlightenment. There is nothing instant, neither healing, nor DNA activation.

It is true that the light can be turned on with the flick of a switch, but you won’t see anything for a little while…

Even hearing is not instant… it takes the sound to go through filters until it reaches the mind and comprehension results.

Now, the question is: the person who sells this, and the person who buys it: are they clueless or do they feel clueless?
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