When you feel accused… DNA capacity activation learnings

I turn the capacity on, ego turns it off

“It’s easier to evaluate your results through drunken delusion than to gaze soberly in the mirror and face the truth.”

I had another DNA capacity activation session today.

It was different. Some people had already had the same capacities activated before.

I found two big surprises… both strong enough to kick me in the gut:

  1. When I first download the energy to you that activates the capacity, it does what it does, goes through the phases, and when I check the muscletest says: it is turned on.

    When I come back to you, because you are on a webinar, it seems that there is a lot more work to do: especially on the level of ancestors.

    A lot lot lot more. It seems that until I open it all up, until the activation goes through your entire ancestry: millions of people, you will only have the capacity available to you… partially.

  2. And in some cases, your ego turned the capacity off entirely.
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The hardest thing, it seems, for any human, is to let go of control.

1526981_10152147561883685_291845534_nJust think how hard it is to let go and pee, when people are, maybe, watching. Falling asleep in a new environment.

But… when you are controlling, your are shrinking. When you let go of control: you are expanding.

There are so many things to control: with your control of the few things you know, your breathing, your thoughts… you take yourself out of life, take yourself to a place, where life dies with your control.

In you, and around you.

There is an exercise they make you do in leadership classes. Two people face each other. One say names of colors, the other’s job is to repeat the word the one says.

After a while they synchronize… then they switch.

Pairs where either of them wants to control… fail. Pairs where both let go… they seem to be one mouth speaking.

Same thing happens when it is movement they mirror. The same couples fail.

Life can’t be controlled, life works best when you let go.
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Can you feel energy? I mean you, personally… Different energies?

benders bend energies... in a certain spectrum. avatars bend all the spectrumsWhen I put the word “energy” into the search box on google, most listings are about electricity, and the rest are about woo woo sites.

People still don’t understand energy. Why? Because our receptors for energy are not differentiated enough, and not connected to the conscious mind enough for us to have more words… and without words there is no understanding. 1

I have always been weather sensitive. You know those insufferable people that know what weather is coming, where the wind is coming from, the pressure and the magnetism, and don’t stop talking about it.

I didn’t talk about it, but that’s it. The rest has always been true to me. I’ve felt it, I’ve known it. Insufferable for myself… lol.

And I paid attention, so I wasn’t merely an “I am suffering” type of insufferable, suffering from the bad feelings that others could not believe I was feeling.

If I can feel it, you can feel it, but you have no distinctions, the building blocks of perceived reality, and I do.
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Current science’s view on DNA and what I say is the truth


Science talks about genetic lottery… haves and have nots, lucky and unlucky.

The truth is both simpler and more complicated.

Human DNA has capacities encoded, but they are either turned on or not. And even capacities that are turned of, may be used, or not used.

The kids in studies who are good at reading but not good at math are dealing not with a reading gene and a math gene missing, instead they deal with something less simplistic than that.

There is no reading gene and there is no math gene. On the other hand, there are 160 genes that lie underneath all the clever feats a child or adult can perform to scientists’ amazement. Sarcasm intended.

So, let’s take an example: you got a kid who is good at reading… but isn’t good at math. I say, that the capacity that is definitely missing is humility: the capacity to say: I am incompetent, I don’t know anything: teach me.

Why? Isn’t saying “I am incompetent” going to keep me stunted? No, the opposite is true. What keeps you stunted is what you have decided is true about you and about the world.

When your earlier decision was: I am not good at math… you’ll not even try. You already know that you won’t be able to get it.

Are there other capacities that are missing? Probably another up to eight capacities… duh…
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DNA capacity: Flexibility

reedsSometimes people get an idea of activating a capacity that is so alien to their culture, it takes a good 5-10 minutes for the history channel, the ancestors backwards, to build.

It is so unfamiliar that ego doesn’t even know to protest. It is like a way of being that is totally unfamiliar… you can’t see other than special people, like kung fu fighters, or shaolin monks to demonstrate.

Flexibility is the capacity to be able to keep your balance even though the world is pushing you hither and tether…
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Does it ever happen to you that you talk and no one responds?

no one hears me speakYou talk about something miraculous, that could make all the difference for people… you speak, they listen… and nothing.
You say something profound… no echo. You ask for something, and people’s eyes are glazed over.

Well, this is a regular occurrence in my life… it’s been happening as far as I can remember. And it has happened in every language… not just in English.

I used to suffer about it. I used to blame everyone, call them stupid, etc.

There was a point, some 30 years ago, when it first occurred to me that maybe it is my job to speak in a way that people can understand, it is not their job to change how they speak.

It was jarring. I resented it for a long time.

And in the past 30 years, I have gotten a little bit better at speaking to how people think… a little bit better.
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What are we going for when we ask you to use your activated capacities?

the-beasts-transformationWhat we go for is transformation.

Transformation is the magical seeming phenomenon when from one moment to the other, the world changes in front of our very eyes.

Of course the world argues that you can do anything you put your mind to, but this is a lie. You can do anything that you have the DNA capacities to do.

Capacities can be interpreted as abilities, but there is only a correlation. Talent would be a closer approximation of what DNA capacity is.

I have participated in transformational education for the past 30 years. Most of it through Landmark Education.

People who teach success, in any arena, money, relationships, career, health, etc. start from an unproven axiom that they can make anyone successful if the person is willing to do the work.

It’s hogwash.
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Life, looked through the filter of games… Is life a game?


In the game of life, when you are losing, or not winning, the two things that can be missing are moves and DNA capacities.

The game goes the way the game goes, but you can play well and with a full deck, or not. Life deals a hand that you can play to win, and you can play to lose…

Each game in life has moves. Winning moves, and losing moves. You can have all the winning moves if you can’t see the consequences of your actions, you won’t win. And even if you see the consequences of your actions (capacity), if you don’t have moves, you still lose.

You have to have the capacities and you have to have the moves to win. Both are part of the invisible.

Life can be treated as a game, and everything in life can be treated as a game… A game you can win, or a game that you can lose.
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What are the symptoms of an activated ability, The Sight, aka the Third Sight.

It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be worth itHow will you know if the DNA ability of seeing the consequences of your actions, aka The Sight is working for you or not?

I just realized, this very minutes, that the language of the effect of the potential/capacity/ability used is misleading.

When I say: Let’s look: you look with your eyes, even if I tell you to look with your Self… your Consciousness.

When I say: see the consequences of your actions: you’ll try to see something with your eyes, right?

But here is the problem: they eyes are an outward organ, only able to relate to the physical reality, and even in that, only to stuff that can be seen.
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