Got a monkey on your back? What monkey? Monkey!?

monkey-on-your-backYou say you don’t have a monkey on your back? If that were so, then you would be one in a billion:

We all have a monkey on our back… one monkey or more. It’s a humanity wide issue… more on that in another article

In this idiom the monkey is a problem that has been difficult to get rid of or to solve with the tools you have… with the mindset you have…  It definitely feels like an uncatchable ball.

The monkey is often invisible to you, and unless someone else looks for it observing you, or you accidentally stumble on it, that monkey is influencing you in everything in life. Continue reading “Got a monkey on your back? What monkey? Monkey!?”

Looking. Noticed that I get up way before the squirrels

This article is not about the squirrels, it is about you. What you can see, what you can notice. Or don’t.

This article is about looking. (Or listening, or any looking you can do with a perception organ, perceive incoming signals: light, sound, gravity, acceleration, chemical substance, position, motion, temperature, pressure, aka incoming… Not from memory, not from the mind.) Continue reading “Looking. Noticed that I get up way before the squirrels”