Empathy… Life’s most important capacity to master

empathy-lifes-most-essential-skillIn my inquiries, I find that more and more capacities that I’ve assumed we all have, it turns out, we don’t.

The question that has been puzzling me is why certain ethnic groups that were persecuted at any one time don’t recognize a similarly persecuted other ethnic group as comrades in suffering. Why one victim can’t and won’t give you a hoot about another victim’s misery.

I mostly see this in movies nowadays, but I used to participate in groups and in big seminars, so I have been seeing this forever.

But this was the first time I asked the question: why is this?

Are these bad people? And I guess that is what I have been stuck with until yesterday.

Yesterday I asked the question: is it a capacity to see the same fate in another?

The answer was yes. Hm… but then what is the capacity? Is it the seeing or is it the appreciating of it?
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Each anchor-to-doom pulled has a chance to activate an inactive DNA

resist-rebel-reclaimThe civilized world is sheeple walking meekly into slaughter…

There is no incentive, there is not much room for independent thinking, growth, in today’s world. But how it is is deadly, both on the individual level, and on the level of world politics.

You need to become not politically correct… You need to reclaim your right and abililty to become a human being, who isn’t completely enslaved to the status quo, of doing nice-nice… Getting killed in the process… or just simply dying.

Now that the site is squared away after the crash… We can get to work on making the Epigenetic shifts, the activation of certain DNA in your genome, permanent.

Each anchor-to-doom pulled has a chance to activate an inactive DNA.
And as we have said before, actions, small actions, consistent with an active DNA are needed to make the shift permanent.

The list is long, and I don’t have it… This is why I recommend that if you have had your anchor-to-doom pulled, you participate, at least for a little while, in the Reclaim coaching program. There I and the coaches I train, will be able to pinpoint the type of actions you need to take to cause this permanent change.

Just one more aspect: your actions are very often, correlated to your soulcorrection, which is the main way you avoid becoming an expanding human being, by insisting on desire to receive for the self alone.
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Bedwetting… what is in common with schizophrenia… or how to drive someone crazy

Love & HateAll children are empathic. And all children must abandon empathy because of the pretense of their parents and care-givers.

Of course, some people are empaths… and they must learn suppression, avoidance, going unconscious for long periods of times if they want to remain sane.

Let me explain.

I grew up with two Holocaust survivor parents. They met in one of those camps where the Nazis collected the Jews before they transported them to a concentration camp.

Later my father impregnated my mother… and shortly after the boy was born, they got married.

My father was insensitive, and my mother didn’t love him. Then she got pregnant with me, and she put all her dislike of my father onto me.

According to some psychologists, I suffered from double bind: i.e. my mother’s feelings and behavior told two different stories. Impossible to reconcile, I went to the suppression route.

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There Is No Such Thing As “Instant Healing”

There is no such thing as “instant healing”.

“Instant healing” is the tool of the looters and the drug of the moochers.

If we compared you to a house with its architecture, rooms, utilities, equipment, furniture, wall-paint, etc. we would be able to see a lot of the hokiness and untruths that are being disseminated today by the looters, and believed greedily by the moochers. You. No offense, just stating the facts. Moocher and looter are distinctions, objective and well-defined, and unless you get offended by the truth, you won’t get offended.

If you are here because you have an honest desire to have a life worth living and to have a body working for you, not against you, you may want to relent your rigid standards as to what is true, and what is nice, and how it all works. What got you where you are is all those hokey truths, your standards and ideals, so let’s put a question mark to all that, and let’s question it all, OK?

I am working with the analogy of a house, because we all can relate to that.

The question I am going to deal with, mainly, in this article, is “instant healing,” but all I say will also apply to everything in life, your emotional well being, your career, your relationships, your whole life.
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