Dr. Mercola and his site… a vibrational review

Dr._Mercola truth value, vibration, arroganceDr. Mercola:

  • his vibration 170
  • his overall IQ including his intelligence 70 (average)
  • the number of spiritual capacities he has 8. A practicing doctor needs 20 capacities… but he is a teacher instead.
  • his soul correction (his machine) DOB July 8, 1954. His soul correction is the same as mind: Forget Thyself.
  • does he have attachments? no
  • the level of his health 30%
  • the level of his cell hydration 7%

The most important thing you want to get from these numbers: he does not have the capacity and the humility to tell truth from falsehood. He is not connected to the Source of higher truth, because of his arrogance, so what you get is his personal opinion… or worse: his “considered” opinion…

Truth value of his judgments and interpretations: 7%

His website’s truth value: 4%. Very very low… What does it mean? it means that 96% of what the site says is not true.
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Vibrational Review: Dr. Oz, Dr. Mercola and my take on health

Dr oz Dr Joe_Mercola Vibrational Review: Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola

I have never seen Dr. Oz  but I am leery of TV doctors: just remember Dr. Phil…

Dr. Oz personal vibration: 200. His recommendations average at 195, slightly on the side of death…

Dr. Mercola: personal vibration: 250. His recommendations average at 250.

Why not higher?

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