What I am learning from watching the World War II in color series? Evil? Incompetence?

hitler nazisI am watching the series on Netflix, World War II in color.

I am watching it through the filter, through the glasses of the spiritual capacities encoded in the DNA

These spiritual capacities enable humanity to live in peace, to grow, to allow individuals to grow, to allow Heaven on Earth.

You need to know some personal stuff about me: I am the child of Holocaust survivors. Out of a big family, only my parents, and three second cousins survived.

But I am also an empath, a true empath, and am interested in causing a world with no wars, no hate, no incompetence. The evolution of the human race… to the level of human being…

These are my unedited notes… written in the midst of the experience… I am sure I’ll regret publishing them… It is hard to stay detached… so I allow myself to root, hate, anger… get involved… Even though I know how it turned out… I watch it like a suspense movie. Very interesting.

My goal is to see something. To teach what I saw. So you can learn from it.
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What or who prevents you from growing?

Never+love+anybody+who+treats+The seed or nuclear unit of “society” is family, or more precisely, marriage. Nucleus means “core”.

Everything that society doesn’t bear you to be, doesn’t tolerate you to be, is also intolerable in marriage, even in a relationship.

What is a relationship?
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Attitude Adjustment – is it easy?

Our attitudes are the base of the iceberg… you need to go deep to find them, appreciate them, and change them. No voodoo method, energies, subliminal, affirmations will every change them… just cover them even more, and push them deeper, into hiding.


How a simple attitude adjustment has made a big difference

I decided, a few weeks ago, to start to take the weekends off… if nothing else, in my mind. It makes a big difference. I still answer emails, and maybe even write an article on Saturday or Sunday.

But the attitude is: I do what I like… it’s my day off… And my favorite things to do are reading, writing, and teaching… so weekends are, now, for the first time in 50 years, for doing what I most like to do… and my experience is that taking time off restores my energy, replenishes my resources… what a difference an attitude adjustment makes… Amazing.

This weekend I also watched some TV series on Netflix…
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