The fear of trusting… This is why you can’t ask and won’t get help from above

fear-trust-2Update: Now that many of my students have managed to enter father-child, the only place where real love can be experienced… some of them get scared. The voice, IT, is telling them that they will not be loved, if they stay on that high place….

This article, hopefully, is going to be useful… if for no other reason, is to see that TRUST is countered by FEAR, and that the VOICE is on the side of FEAR.

One of the hard wired characteristic of a human is the insistence on making their own decisions.

But, we often don’t have the tools, the knowledge, the means to make sound decisions, and yet… we keep on insisting.

The seed level of this characteristic is the fear to trust. Anyone, any time, anywhere. We don’t even trust ourselves, but we trust others even less.

It’s a learned behavior. We learned that people have hidden agendas, that people are not honest, their real intentions and their pretend intentions are not the same… so they can’t be trusted.
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Being an empath is no picnic…

being an empath is a bitchBeing an empath is a bitch… You don’t only feel another’s duplicity when they allow you, you feel it when they are dead and you are reading their stuff. You feel it in a movie, when the whole movie, on the surface is supposed to be a compliment, but underneath it it is a left-handed compliment.

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