The 39th Bach Flower Remedy: the Yew: Desire to receive for the self alone

 Original publication date: March 11, 2012. Today all day I am reminded of this time…

The 39th Bach Flower Remedy: the Yew: Desire to receive for the self alone

One of the benefits, for me, to do the Connection Calls is being with all of you, and feeling how wretched, how miserable you feel. Not pleasant for me, but very useful.

I have been feeling some energies, some feelings that are not covered by the 38 original Bach Flower Remedies.

At the same time, while writing the Soul Correction articles, or teaching the core group classes, I can see that there is resistance there that doesn’t respond to the Heaven on Earth energy bundle.
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What are OUR tools in raising your vibration… Updated

transformation is like picking a lock. here are our tools to raise your vibrationTransformation is like picking a lock. You need tools, you need patience, you need immense awareness, and the results need to be valuable, or you’ll quit before you are done. Partial transformation gives you bragging rights, but no results.

This is going to be an article that, I predict, will grow as we discover or invent (with Source) new tools to bring about the 1,000 Years of Peace, the restoration of the Original Design.

I will not give details of the tools in this article. The details you can find in other articles, or in the glossary. I will link the tools to where you can read more about them as time allows.

Patience, my friend, patience is a virtue. I’ll get to it when I can. Start at the beginning… do you know how to connect, yet? I don’t mean know about it. I don’t mean “I think so” I mean, have I said that you are connected? If not, then please come to a connection call or stop feeding your mind. All this information is worthless there.

I will list the tools in the order I received them, not in the order of importance. This is where the good guys finish first, even if they started last…

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“They” want you to hope for a miracle… magic, windfall…

“They” 1 want you to hope for a miracle… magic, windfall…

And you have been compliant. You buy magical supplements. Start magical diets. Go to magical healers. Buy magical courses.

Magic bullet. You have a storehouse of those.

I recommended to a new client that she sells it to people who still want a magic bullet. She didn’t say yes. I guess she still hopes that one day they will magically start working.

I got a deep insight in this kind of thinking when i read the otherwise worthless long book by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. OK, it is not worthless to me, actually they were worth their weight in gold… they are worthless to you. The woman has insight, but mixes it with crap… I took the insights, if you read her stuff, you’ll probably eat the crap.

Anyway, what i got is the historical roots of magical thinking.

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Who is this site for? Is it for you?

Sophie Benshitta Maven empath raise your vibrationI am an empath.

An empath is like a psychic in a way. A true empath can feel and identify your feelings, whether they are emotions or physical sensations. I can feel them stronger than you yourself. Using those feelings as guidance I can inform you about the source of your feelings and advise you on a way to restore balance and well-being.

Through empathy I have also found a way to connect, directly, to the Source of All-of-It, in a two-way fashion, so I can ask questions and receive answers, get energies, get guidance, and support. I don’t know of anyone who does what I do, and I cannot teach much of it: so far I haven’t found anyone who can connect, at will, to another person, for example.

I have asked for and received strong energies from Source. I can embed these energies into liquids or into audios. The Avatar State audio, for example, assists you in identifying the areas where you are out of alignment, and help you correct them.

The Heaven on Earth Energy bundle, and the Energizer, infused in water, help you deal with emotions suggested by the mind or the Dark Side, so you can be well, and healthy.
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Do you want to change? Do you want to change your life? Great! Now you can!

do you want to change? Warning: this is a long article! don’t start to read it if you have short attention span.

Do you want to change? Do you want to change your life? Great! Now you can!

Change is the only permanent thing in the Universe

But do you know that there are many kinds of changes, and some are more desirable than others?

This article is about the types of change you will encounter while doing the work to raise your vibration.
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Phases Of Learning, Phases Of Self-Changing, Phases Of Transformation: How To Succeed In A World Dominated By Fixing

learning-to-walkIn my previous article I write about the creative plane vs. the competitive plane.

Today’s culture, the norm, the planetary hypnosis (Dark Side) generated attitude is hurry and forcing.

fire-walkAlthough I don’t like Dr. David Hawkins and his books, his phrase “power vs. force” is valid here: when you hurry you are trying to FORCE the Universe (and the people in it) to suddenly do what YOU WANT them to do, instead of falling in step with the Universe, and get what you want when it’s good an ready.

Just watch your reaction, if you are a man, when the woman of the house interrupts what you are doing and demands that you take out the garbage, organize the garage, make the repairs you promised, right now, not when you are good and ready…

Or if you are a woman and your man demands sex, when you are not feeling well, when you are tired, when you don’t feel like it, not in the mood… demands that you get ready at a moment’s notice.

Feel your muscles tense even reading the scenarios… this is how the Universe reacts when you are in a hurry.

To be in harmony with the Universe, you need to fall in step, you need to fall in rhythm, in harmony with the Universy.

Whenever I participate in a drum-circle, especially if it is a big one with people from all over the place, I experience this magic: falling in rhythm, falling in step with the Universe.
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How do you live your life to develop intelligence? Intelligence is the end of anguish and anxiety

intellect vs intelligenceIntelligence is operational when there is no thinking, there are no thoughts. You can only detect that intelligence is growing by detecting that there are less thoughts.

One of the main causes of anxiety and anguish is living through the mind, not ever being in the present moment, not ever being in the here-and-now. You can only be intelligent in the here-and-now. Any departure from the now moment causes anguish and unintelligent ways of living and making decisions.

One of the things my Activate Divinity Course (closed) accomplishes is returning people to being whole and complete. It is almost impossible to be intelligent unless you are reasonable whole and complete, no parts suppressed, no aspects of you abandoned, denied.

The Harmonize The Planet meditation with the Heaven on Earth energy bundle is a great way to prepare yourself to be able to start the work of becoming whole and complete.

How did it happen, that in spite of my formal education (21 years total), I still managed to pull through with some intelligence intact? Not mentioning 27 years of Landmark, a 100% intellectual pursuit… When I look at landmark graduates, I see people waiting for someone else to give it to them, or repeating what they have already heard. Second-handers’ galore.
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Become Who You Were Meant To Be

Become who you were meant to be

Really nice and really loaded title, would you agree? It means that you are not who you were meant to be. You are someone else, and that flies in the face of determinists.

Determinists say that your life is scripted, and you have no choice about it. You choose what you have in store for you. You have no free will.

But the truth is that human beings do have free will.

So what is this “who you were meant to be” stuff? Determinist or free will stuff… good question.

Every choice is somewhat pre-determined by the past, by the family you were born into.

The past gets into the choice by the mind storing everything that happened to you and placing it in your future as something to avoid, or something to repeat.

When you get hurt, or laughed at, or feel ashamed about, you vow never to do that again. That places it square into your future, and it sits there, blocking your view, preventing exercising your free will, it sits there like a golem, 1 it sits there as the only choice there is.

There is a favorite example I learned in a born again Christian magazine I picked up at a train station some 15-20 years ago. It has made a profound difference in my life. It has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with explaining why our life looks the way it does, why we are the way we are.

Here is the story

Imagine driving on a mountain road that bends around the mountain climbing higher and higher. On one side the mountain, on the other side the abyss… the ravine, the depth.

It’s a beautiful morning, your radio blasts your favorite music, and you love your life.

As you go around yet another bend, you see, horrified, a car crash on the road. The road is narrow, and you need to choose how to avoid your certain death.
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Why Muscle Testing Is Your Enemy And Why You Avoid The Truth Like A Plague?

case study: porcupine, cute but don't bark at it... you'll end up with quills in your mouth Why Muscle Testing Is Your Enemy And Why You Avoid The Truth Like A Plague?

Muscle testing has been my main modality of getting answers from Source. I also get stomach lurch as a yes, nodding of my head as a yes when in a direct back and forth communication to Source, but the easiest and most straight forward way I get to decide if something is true or not, is muscle testing.

I also know that a lot of people come to my site searching for muscle testing articles, so I decided to teach my core group students, the testers, muscle testing.

Easy, I thought, we do it through a few webinars, and then I can sell our recordings, and we’ll make some money. Yummy. Not.

The plan went well until the point where the students actually needed to DO the muscle testing.

Then all hell broke loose… or better said, hell froze over. That describes what happened a lot better.

My students responded with glazed over eyes, stone faces, and long silences. One even lost their ability to understand English.

WTF, you say. No, I said that. You may know something I didn’t… but am starting to get.

As I am going over the recordings, preparing them to be sold, I am noticing something that during the webinar I could not see. I was sooooo frustrated, pretending to be compassionate and understanding, it is no wonder I didn’t catch this during the webinars.

Muscle testing, or access to the Truth about anything is a threat to your identity.

What is identity? Identity is a construct. There are many ways to poke into it, fairy tales, fables, rackets, and such, but we won’t concern ourselves with that right now.

The only aspect of identity we’ll be interested in is the one that is true for everyone, that is not individual, that the king and the pauper share alike.

Identity is like a rocking chair. It stays put, and it seems like moving, but it isn’t. It oscillates. Its design is only interested in it staying the same. Its design is interested in justifying that it isn’t going anywhere.

It’s a mighty power. Stronger than the love of a mother, often stronger than the will to live. Its center is very close to the bottom, and it always returns, even after some rocking, to being stationary and the same.

Let’s look at some examples of the resistance of the identity: I hope it will be instructional, though I don’t even hope that it will make a difference: given that only 1% of all humanity is willing to change, you are most likely not one of the 1%. But it will be interesting, so read on.

I will not use names, I will use their “identity identifier animal” instead.

  • porcupine personality Example #1: The Porcupine: she is a lovely little animal. Undisturbed she will do what she does… but anything sudden, anything exposing her, will instantly activate her self-protecting machinery: she will roll up in a neat ball. When she thinks the danger of anything confronting passes, she unrolls, and behaves as if nothing happened.During the classes she refuses to be called to the mat, refuses to be confronted, will turn off her camera, will speak away from the microphone… that is a little like as if she is crossed with an ink fish, lol.
  • Example #2: The deer caught in the headlight. We all know this animal: it would prefer to be killed than be discovered that she is alive. Or he… lol.Just a second before the headlight coming on he claims he wants to cross the highway, but forget about it, no way, “I am not going.” Has elements of a mule; stubborn, obstinate, and it’s all your fault.
  • porcupine babies cute but wait a few years... Example #3: The Fish. Slippery, you won’t be able to pin it down, he will slime out of everything. No matter how many times he tells you how committed he is, his behavior tells you otherwise.
  • Example #4: The Sloth. Feels entirely unwilling to do anything right, he lowers his standards until even he can feel good about himself. His greatest accomplishment is his good figure. He will humor you because you are his ticket to what he needs but is unwilling to get himself.
  • even the king of animals knows not to mess with porcupines Example #5: The Spider: he hides in the corner of her web waiting for fate to deliver her food. Then, when the “food” stopped showing any energy, she will sneak out “boldly” and eat it. She doesn’t want to know that she is cowardly, she just wants to be respected and acknowledged for the mad dash to the middle of her web…

muscle testing and skunk I hear you, I hear you. You are asking: what animal are you, Sophie? I am the skunk. I use ‘looking threatening’ and spraying as a tool to keep a distance. I am basically afraid of intimacy, so I attack or threaten. I prefer that you hate me to being loved and touched. I will threaten you, throw you off the call… don’t come near me!
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I love you but… You are rude on the calls, where is the Heaven on Earth that you promise?

the sky the context the clouds are the stuff that is happening, nice is in the foreground!

Be Nice! I love you but… You are rude on the calls, where is the Heaven on Earth that you promise?

From My Mailbox:

I already love you and care for you bc 1 i can feel your heart…way big. The challenge is that the ego is still getting in the way of your delivering the Heaven on Earth and your special talents bringing down energy.

The meditations are rather distracting and the tone you offer to the participants is a turn off.

My wife is not going to be getting on any more bc it was more unsettling (the demeanor with some girl on the call and others) than beneficial.

I am telling you this bc if you are like me you will process this and come up with a more loving solution for your meditations. I felt the same thing Tuesday and my interest weaned in what can truly be a Heaven on Earth. Please understand this is offered with love and not really interested in challenging you to help you grow..just how and what my wife observed. Love

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