Review: Natalie Ledwell and Mind-Movies: does it work? is it worth buying it?

mind movies matrixUpdate June 15: Unless you recognize the inner voices that want to keep you and your life the same, no program, including the Mind Movies will fail you… Because you and what YOU want will be beaten to the punch by the inner voices.

The practice that will allow the Mind Movies to work, The Amish Horse Training Method is something you want to consider BEFORE you spend your time, money, and dreams on the Mind Movies…

Bad news: no matter what program you buy, if you remain the same inside, small, arrogant, and fearful, no program will do anything for you… For most people there is a schasm, a big divide between what they want and what they do… And that big divide needs to be bridged by small purposeful actions. But the problem I see with any results based goal setting program: most people are incapable of designing the small actions, let alone doing them. So the success rate of a program like Mind Movies is way less than 1%… I have found only my programs (Sophie)  that attend to that gap, that big divide and the actions you need to take. So with that, read this review… just know: no matter how good it sounds, it’s almost guaranteed that unless you are already highly successful, it won’t do anything for you, anything lasting. And it will be just another program you paid for, and got nothing in return. Worse than that: you will get a significant lowering of your self-esteem.

Nevertheless, if you really want to work with Mind Movies… I have an activator for you: the Effortless Abundance Activator…. With it even the Mind Movies MAY work.

Before I start talking about the subject matter, Natalie Ledwell and Mind-Movies, let me quickly teach you something: The internet is populated, 90%, with material that is designed to make money for the person or company that published it.

If you could make money recommending the Mind Movies: would you lie? Would you say it’s the best thing that happened to you? Of course you would. But it would be still a lie…

So, as I was looking for honest reviews of Natalie Ledwell and her product, Mind-Movies, I didn’t find any.

So, let this be the first honest review.
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Can you change by changing what you say? Why aren’t your affirmations make money appear for you?

effortless abundance the remedyBack in 1987 I took a course about money. I had been poor, just a tad poorer than most of my life.

I remember working in New York City as an architect for hire, freezing my ears off… the weather always felt worse in the wind-tunnels of the New York City streets.

My two big investments were ear muffs and boots. It was more important than food: you can be hungry and alive… these were mostly my two choices: full or alive.

I took the train to the City from New Jersey, and spent all my time daydreaming about stuff… stuff I wanted, stuff I needed, stuff I had to have… as in “I have to have that!”

Then I did this course. The main message of the course was that you can change your relationship to money by simply speaking some magic words.
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Water Energizer products: should you buy them from me?

energized beer-pitcherI have been getting requests for water energizer products. Pitchers, energizer inserts, gelpacks.

I’d rather that you use the Water Energizer audio to make your own energizer products.

How do you do it?

Anything that is put inside water that you are energizing with the Water Energizer audio will get energized with the water. You just need to leave it time, about an hour per gallon of water, including the stuff you put in the water.

Whether it is a small bottle of water, the water in the chamber of the Energized Water Pitcher, the Polar Energized Pitcher Insert, an ice pack… Your bear, your vegetables, fruits, meat, it really doesn’t matter.
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What’s the difference between a DNA activation and self-control? Self-improvement, self-development?

christmas-tree-of-our-geneticsI said in the last article and I say it here again:

We are all born with a full “Christmas tree” loaded with ornaments i.e. genes. Some of those ornaments light up, some of those don’t.

The capacities that those dark ornaments show as dormant are patience, compassion, caring, seeing the big picture, intelligence, focus… as you see, these are the prized qualities of winners.

And they are dormant on your tree of genes, the Christmas Tree.

I have found that strong energies that create a whole new terrain to play on, plus consistent small actions using those capacities create a DNA activation, an epigenetic shift where you don’t have to try to be patient, you just are.

This is what I noticed this morning:

I have lived in this apartment for 12 years now. It is walking distance from a Catholic church, that insists on doing 15 minute long music twice a day, at noon and at 6 pm.
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Procrastinator Doom Loop… How to beat it with energy

just do nothingIs your not doing the thing procrastination? Can you beat it?

Delaying hard work is all about your mood… or how you feel.

As I have written earlier, the biggest problem with today’s humanity is that we think that our feelings need to match what we want to do.

The fallacy is: if I don’t feel like it, that means… that I shouldn’t do it. I’ll do it when I feel like it…

It’s almost as if you have given your life to the weather to direct it: when it’s sunny I’ll get up… etc.
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Vibrational Review: Carol Tuttle

Carol-Tuttle-headshotVibrational Review: Abundance Practitioner Carol Tuttle

MindValley is a shrewd company, riding the wave of fear, riding the wave of desperation.

First this year, Christie Marie Sheldon and her Unlimited Abundance course, then T. Harv Eker, again, millionaire b.s., and now Carol Tuttle’s new course on MindValley on Wealth attraction.
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What is energized water?

energized-waterThis article explains what is energized water, what energizing does to the water, the difference between water in nature or from your tap, from a bottle, and energized water.

The main difference is that energized water, fully energized water, water whose vibration is raised to 653, is coherent… and the human cells accept it willingly whereas all other waters are not willingly accepted by the cells.

A few years ago I had a conversation with a well known guru. I shared with him that energized water is amazingly smooth, easy to drink, tastes good, and makes you feel like you did something good for your body.

He got really really angry. He said: water is water. H2O

Now, years later I am still drinking energized water, I look younger than I looked when I was 50, and my skin is smooth, my health is great. He is divorced, battling depression, he could use some energized water… lol.
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The month when abundance is on your mind

wealth-and-abundanceIt must be January, because my Effortless Abundance bundle is selling a lot. And Unlimited Abundance, astutely, is launching this month…

January, everyone looking at their current situation and starting to organize themselves to improve what they have.
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Updated: How to make your own energy remedy: H.O.E., Unclove with H.O.E., or the Effortless Abundance Remedy

how to infuse the audios' energies into waterSummary: Some energies, healing energies, can be infused in water or water containing substances. Some energies can’t. The Energizer, the H.O.E., the Unconditional Love Activator, the 2nd and 3rd Phase Activators, and the Effortless Abundance Activator are such energies that can be infused and consumed internally. They work faster that way. Especially if your vibration is low. I myself use my own energies both ways, audio format and infused liquid format… every day. When I forget to infuse my water, I can tell… I start to be very vulnerable to emotions…
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Do you want to fall in love with yourself?

love yourselfI had an experience this morning that I’d like to share.

Someone asked for the silent version of the Effortless Abundance Activator audio.

I dug for the parts of it my hard drive, and put it together… without the ocean sound in the background. Don’t forget, most of the activators are put together from many audios layered, otherwise each energy would come down one after the other and the effect would be less, and the audio longer. So I record the energies in separate audios and then layer them… instead.
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