Suck it up?

frozen waterfall... the flow of life is interrupted... let goI used to have clients and friends that their biggest complaint of others was that they wanted them to suck it up.

What does it mean ‘suck it up’? It simply means: “stop complaining, and say “f… it!” and move on.

This seems the hardest thing for humans to do… maybe even harder than summoning the courage to be alone, to read, to stop overeating, or do some “real” work.

I wouldn’t be writing about this, if I hadn’t had a recent run-in with the need to suck it up.

As you may know, I am a new Amazon seller. I am doing that so I don’t have to depend on you, my dear reader, on my livelihood, and that I can tell you the way it is, without sugarcoating it, without trying to make you like me… spend money with me… etc.
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Cone Of Vision, Attitude, Responsibility, Nature, Nurture And Choice

shedding a layer of stuckednessWhat is transformation? There are many ways to say what it is, for the purposes of this article we’ll say: transformation is catching YOURSELF stuck in a state that is unproductive and self-righteous.

For a transformational teacher every moment looks like an opportunity to cause your transformation: you are always in layers upon layers of stuck states, even when you feel successful, and especially when you feel comfortable.

So, what gives a stuck state away as a stuck state? Stuck state, instead of wrong, right, etc…
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remove the biggest blockage: your head up your ass

Summary: We have all heard about blockages… we can even visualize them. We know of people who claim that they clear them… but what are blockages, really? And how do you remove them?

Yesterday we had a session on the Carrot and Stick webinar workshop, and it went differently than the way I planned. We could say that I encountered a blockage in or with people… because they didn’t want to do what I wanted them to do… Instead of forcing my plan on them, I started to listen and started to hear that I was forcing to build a skyscraper on insufficient foundation… We spent the whole 210 minute long session building foundation, and tearing up foundation that was fear-based. We are not done, but we started the work that needs to be done… foundation building. Foundation that will allow a healthy human being to be built upon, instead of trying to fix the plumbing on the 3rd floor… which is like hocus pocus.

You can do a lot of hocus pocus, but you can only work with what’s there, and you can only have flow if you find out exactly what keeps some old stuff stuck there.
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Q-A: Can the Energizer be added to the Effortless Abundance Activator audio?

Reader-Questions1-300x99Summary: This question came up three times in the past 12 hours, so it must be on a lot of people’s mind: why didn’t I add the Energizer energy to the Effortless Abundance Activator audio?

Hello Sophie,

  1. I would like to ask if I can come to Wed. Abundance Activator Meditation Class? I bought a whole package but don’t know if I can just come up like that or if I should of been there from the beginning.
  2. Also I would like to ask if Abundance Activator can charge water the same way the water energizer does? Or do I need to charge it with both water energizer and then Abundance. I bought water energizer with harmonizer together and I know I can’t use both at the same time so I’ve been using one for one day and the other one the other.

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Talk Back to me: on connection, on meditation. on other gurus

Summary: When you write me an email, you can expect that it is going to be published or ignored. Why? Because I am not your private coach and I don’t have to answer your questions… If I feel like it, I answer them publicly: that way your question and my answer contributes to others as well.

Hi Sophie,

Thank you for considering doing a meditation session for those of us outside of the EST time zone. 1

I woke up at 2 am for some reason this morning and decided it was a good time to try the meditations.

I pulled in many techniques I had learned from various teachers most notably Dr Alex Loyd (personal vibration: 200… big drop from last time I checked) from The Healing Codes. He had taught that in order to increase the effectiveness of his work, you had to roll the eyes up and back (something you reiterated in your blog recently), you had to place your hands on the top of your head in a certain way and you had to deep breath through the chest in a certain way. 2
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Are You Stupid? Are you being stupid? Did you miss the point?


Summary: You may be stupid and don’t know it. The biggest breakthrough for a stupid person to declare that they are stupid. Why? Because it would force them to look before they act, talk, argue, say yes, or say no… Stupid is an attitude, not an ability…

So, what is the attitude of a stupid person? They think that they understand everything. They think that what they see is what’s there…

Koan: For you Everything is the same as everything else … except not always

This belief, that you know everything, is an entirely mind-based concept. It is based on something tricky: that your understanding of words, connections, contexts, is accurate.

You can be certain that those understandings are NOT correct. It is a childish and arrogant thing to think that your understanding is correct and that looking at other people’s teachings through your current understanding is going to give you an accurate view of what they are saying.

I’ll give you two examples, but before I do that, consider the saying:

hammer and nail world viewWhen you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail… we’ll get back to this later.
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Who or what is The Creator that loves you unconditionally? A breakthrough in context

new-improvedSummary: In this article I am going to illustrate to you how something evolves, as opposed to being born…

I will illustrate to you the thought process it takes to move something from good to better to better and even better… There is no such thing as best in this thought process. This is the foundation of an Expanding Human Being: there is no limit to expanding, neither in the mind nor in the reality of the Original Design. And I’ll share the breakthrough we had in raising your vibration.

  1. When I came to this country at age 38, I was much like you in a lot of ways. One of the thngs that I remember vividly is my relationship to improvement. If a product label said “improved”, my thought was “that means it wasn’t good before, and probably isn’t good now… so I won’t get it.”I still lived in the mind, and the mind does not like improvement, it doesn’t like change. If something is good, then it is good, no need for improvement… Bah humbug.
  2. When I was an architecture students, I learned two things that became totally useful regardless of the field I applied them. One of these is what I learned from my famed History of Architecture professor: He shared that when he graduated as an architect, he went to work in a theater, instead of the field of design or construction.
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