One of the jobs of the Egomind is to resist change

Egomind? Well, it is just a name… even though it seems that we do have an ego, and we do have a mind.

So let’s see: neither you can find if you cut a person open.

But if you had a sensitive enough instrument, like a true empath, and if you knew what you are looking for, you would find that there is a very strong energy over the chest in the shape of a triangle sitting on one of its sides. Continue reading “One of the jobs of the Egomind is to resist change”

What are we going for when we ask you to use your activated capacities?

the-beasts-transformationWhat we go for is transformation.

Transformation is the magical seeming phenomenon when from one moment to the other, the world changes in front of our very eyes.

Of course the world argues that you can do anything you put your mind to, but this is a lie. You can do anything that you have the DNA capacities to do.

Capacities can be interpreted as abilities, but there is only a correlation. Talent would be a closer approximation of what DNA capacity is.

I have participated in transformational education for the past 30 years. Most of it through Landmark Education.

People who teach success, in any arena, money, relationships, career, health, etc. start from an unproven axiom that they can make anyone successful if the person is willing to do the work.

It’s hogwash.
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What’s the cost of not having the ability of The Sight?

cost-of-coffeeWhat is the real cost of not having The Sight and Appreciation DNA ability?

Now that I have quite a few of you have these new capacities activated, I have an insight into the cost of not having had the DNA ability active before… and to not have it be activated now, when you can.

My conversation with a guy from Holland is a good way to see the cost of not having “The Sight” activated:

He asks a valid question: (If this looks familiar, the first few comments are also in another article… just stay with it, it is worth your time. You’ll see yourself, and that is priceless.)
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Fear of death

threatened-gunYesterday, in the Playground session, we spoke about the fear of death.

“They” say all fear is fear of death. I am not afraid of death. I have faced death several times. Some of the times it was because I was ill. Many of the times I did it to meet death, to make friends with death. And even more often I faced death to get beyond it. To get where only through death you can get.
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Awakening: the one practice to enlightenment

AwakeningNowThe illusion of progress

I had a rude awakening this morning. The illusion of progress, the illusion of doing something that works hasn’t left me untouched either.

In my coaching session this morning I woke up, I woke up from my illusion. The illusion that people understand what it takes to grow, what it takes to become an expanding human being, the illusion that people know anywhere what the work entails.

I think this illusion is shared by quite a few teachers, but not being alone is not a consolation, it’s just a fact.
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The path to raising your vibration, to earn your vibration, to become a Human Being, a creator

raising your vibration is like climbing a treeAnimals seem to be happy. Humans are unhappy, pretending to be happy.

Why is this discrepancy?

Consider that what makes you unhappy is your Soul. The Soul that is at cross-purposes with the part of you that is the bodymind, the part of you that guides your behavior, thoughts, and attitudes.

It’s been so maybe forever.

The Soul is the aspect of you that wants to become like God, that wants to become a Creator.

The bodymind only cares about receiving: receiving fun, pleasure, power over others, and being safe, being right, looking good. Some disciplines call it the ego… I won’t… Calling it ego hasn’t proved to be effective, because we have a limited perspective, a cookie cutter concept of ego, and that will limit what you’ll see… so I’ll call what defines you, what guides your actions, what gives you your attitudes the bodymind.
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Intelligence vs Intellect… Shared Intelligence

I have been on a roll this past few days… I have received all these insights. Amazing.

The last insight in this series is about intelligence.

I have discovered a few things, just today… listen up.

Intelligence is not yours. It is not mine. It is shared. It is like air: if you breathe, it is yours. If you hold your breath, it is not yours.

Imagine a kitchen sink. Most kitchen sinks are designed to be used by one person. If you want to wash dishes, no one can help you with the work: it is either you or them.

Same is with intelligence. Intelligence is waiting for your beck and call, meaning it is always available. You aren’t.

Why wouldn’t you? After all, intelligence is a lot smarter than you, it has your best interest in mind!

Unfortunately, your mind and your ego, your egomind can’t tolerate watching someone being smarter… better, cannot tolerate seeing someone winning, graceful… oh no! To the egomind it means that IT is less… and there is no way IT hell he will allow it. So egomind jumps in and attempts to do all the things, poorly, for the glory of doing it ITself.

Intelligence is not available when your mind and ego are there…

How did I discover this? Playing computer games. Egomind wants to play, win or lose it doesn’t matter to egomind, as long as it can be busy playing.

I have been training myself to step aside and allow intelligence to play (and win every time!) for about five years now. I have trained myself to be willing to catch when I want to force my will, and pull back.

What is the difference between intelligence and intellect?
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