Case Study: Abraham Channeled by Esther Hicks

Some people, some modalities sound true-ish, make you feel better, and yet when I look at the vibration of the followers, the vibration isn’t raised. Something about the foundation of the program is off… it just dupes you.

Feel better vs. Raise Your Vibration

Please remember that this whole series of case studies is interested in one thing: does the modality raise your vibration permanently.

Or does it only teach you to feel better temporarily… That is the only criteria that I examine here.

Why? Because there are plenty of feel better, flash-in-the-pan modalities out there. Modalities that enslave you.

What do I mean?

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Emotions are like firestorms, they cause incoherence, and are the most manipulated aspects of a human

eft-emotional-guidance-scaleThe best way to examine whether emotions give you a reliable internal guidance system is looking at the flip side of emotions.

In emotional terms, for example, love’s opposite is hate, disgust, being appalled, repelled. But if you look at your emotions, these opposites are right there, right behind the emotion: love… They come together like the front of your hand and the back of your hand. You are in perpetual ambivalence, yoyo-ing back and forth, ups and downs, and incoherence.

Love, the one that vibrates at 525 or so, is not an emotion. Love is a commitment to love.

Love is a commitment to accept another human exactly the way they are and exactly the way they aren’t. Whether they do the right thing, love you back, chew their food with their mouth open, lower back the lid on the toilet, or leave the top off the tooth paste.

Commitment. Not a promise, a commitment.

No ifs, no buts, no conditions.

No action necessary, just acceptance.

No show of love, no giving till it hurts, no nice talk… those are not part of love, they are societal demands.
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Are feelings and emotions the same? Do you know?

Telling them apart will make you a happier, more accomplished person!

Why all techniques of increasing Emotional Intelligence are b.s…

…and not effecting the level of happiness, the level of well-being of people who practice it.

Same is true about the Emotional Guidance System of Abraham/ Hicks… b.s. and ineffective. Why? Because they are trying to change the fruits instead of the roots… Putting makeup on syphilitic lesions. 1 Or pimples, if you are squeamish…

Feelings are clean. They do four simple things. Make you go for it, make you stop, direct you towards pleasure and away from pain… They are the seed level. The foundation. 2Feelings are what guides you as an organism to feed yourself, to procreate, to stay safe, or to fight. To have a community to belong to, and to have enough information so you know what to do[/note.]

Emotions are a construct on the top of them, created by words, created by marker feelings, and are a veritable mess.
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Distinctions are like the dots in a digitized photograph. The more dots you have the clearer the picture.

In printing they call this the resolution, or dot per inch. Different papers allow for different number of dots.

Your attitude, your innate intelligence, your emphasis on the mind can increase or decrease the number of dots you can take and reproduce without distortion.

In the previous article I demonstrated how Esther Hicks can only reproduce the largest letters, but not the spirit of the Emotional Guidance System.

And she isn’t towards the bottom of the pile. There is some intelligence there.
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Power tip: locate yourself… in reality

locate-yourselfOne of the things that immediately de-fuses an explosive situation, being frazzled, stress, etc. is accurately identifying what is going on, where you are at.

It takes stepping outside of the situation, looking at it from there, to identify what is going on.

You may have over committed… and so you are overwhelmed
You may have made promises without consulting the people you live with, and so your are out of integrity
You may be trying to prove that you are special… so you are in greed


Once you see exactly what the situation is, restoring peace, restoring calm, restoring effectiveness is a piece of cake.
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Cinematherapy: what does it do? It teaches you to feel.

FeelingsMovies with good actors do it better…

American actors are mostly useless, but it may be because American directors have no empathy? And yet some of the most missing feelings I got from American TV series I have watched through Netflix. I have recently learned family love, and being able to choose, ultimately, what is win-win… in a series I am watching now, Blue Bloods about a Irish family of cops in New York City. I also had a peek at something I didn’t know I wanted to feel: how religion is for people who have faith…

I don’t know if it is the actors or the director that make the feelings real. But as an empath, I can tell if the actor is good or not, especially when it comes to express strong feelings.

I feel the inauthenticity, when there is no match between the situation and the feeling. With American actors, the biggest issue is that they had never felt what they are supposed to feel: they live in a desert void of feelings… just like a chess piece doesn’t feel dejected or elation… it is moved by someone outside of themselves.

Feelings are the most important ingredients in life. They show, like lanterns, the world… your world.
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