What’s your story? Your Troubles Are Repeating Themselves.

The Outcome Is Not Pretty. You Are Trying. You Fail. What’s Going On?

Your Troubles Are Repeating Themselves. your life is scripted. different locales, different characters, but it is the same repeating story. You Are Living Out A Script… The Outcome Is Not Pretty. You Are Trying. You Fail. What’s Going On?

I would dare to say, that repeating a script that only brings you trouble, pain, guilt, shame is the opposite of emotional intelligence.

  • The first “modality” for “emotional intelligence” I encountered was beating. By my mother, occasionally by my father.
  • The second modality I encountered was psychotherapy, by a psychiatrist, who, after two years of therapy, decided that sleeping with me is more fun. I was 16 at the time.

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How to get reasonably clear of your past?

This morning, while I was measuring someone’s starting point measurements, I wondered if there was another word for the desire measure. 1 And it is… drumroll: entitlement. The person feels entitled to get from nature, from the universe, from the world those things that are desired without having to earn it, work for it, barter for it, compete for it… just because they are themselves. Knowledge, love, respect, compliments, stuff, money… It is almost always the same number as the lack of humility number, how much you think of yourself as the center of the universe, as it’s about you, take things personally.

The higher those two numbers are the less satisfying life becomes, because you always feel cheated.

Every young child thinks that the world, other people, their emotional state and response is centered around them.

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Updated: What is an emotional detox? What is emotional healing? Introducing HOE long range

emotional detoxBefore you can go up, You need to go down! Just like in building a house. Because unless you clear off the “stuff” and then dig deep to know what’s under the top soil, your house will be warped and collapse in a hurry, often while you are building it.

For most of you this is really bad news, because you are hellbent to stay phony happy, phony loving, phony well… delusionally high self-esteem-ed, and you are unwilling to even look at what is real. But what’s real is real, and if you ignore it it will bite you in the a-s-s. No compassion, no looking, just continuing what isn’t working, and never will is stupid… Here, I said it.

Or maybe you know you are miserable, and you will take on the task of digging deep, to the bottom of the foundation… and what you find there isn’t pretty… and it isn’t. It violates your standards, it violates your better self… and even though I teach you to bring self-compassion to the looking, so you can build an healthy self on top of this new foundation… what was seen cannot be unseen… and it is toxic… that’s why you’ve been miserable.
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Emotional Healing… Emotions and Vibration

Emotional-HealingThis morning I was browsing the internet for sites that deal with the vibration of emotions.

I found a few, and dug deeper on one.

The website I found had a really good, high vibration piece of content, that I even felt worthy to put into a pdf, so it is easier to read on your mobile device. And if I am lucky, I can have the computer read it into an mp3, so you can drive while you listen.

The vibration of the document, which means its truth value is 600.

The person’s vibration is 170.

WTF, right?
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