The misbuttoned shirt life and what to do about it

Emotional intelligence, emotional maturity… the end of suffering, the end of life in hell is all a result of the misbuttoned shirt life

Fiction, good fiction, allows you to have intimacy with people you never knew. And what we miss most in life is intimacy. Knowing the other, being known and accepted.

It’s hard to be intimate in real life, it takes two people, two people who were hurt, maybe abused as children, so it is nearly impossible.

I listen to the partner call (from the Playground) and wish they read fiction. Reading fiction, especially children’s books, is very healing.

At least for myself.

You cry, and you don’t even know why, but you are healing.

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Emotional Maturation vs Cluelessness

This article took me a long time to write, and it is so-so… It’s a difficult topic… It’s about being Clueless. The why and the how and the “now what?” And the WTF…

Once a coach of mine said: “you don’t have to be more than 5% better than others to stand out… and become a winner.” He also said: “You Don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.”

You don’t think you are clueless… You say you are confused, you don’t understand, you didn’t hear it… but clueless? No, that you don’t even consider.

But we, all of humanity are clueless… with some clues that are lead us to pay attention to what we know, and not to worry about what we don’t. And this is true across all strata of humanity, including scientists, smart people, ignorant people… everyone.

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