Emotions to the intellect are like plaque for the arteries

emotionally innocent…and if that is so, the job is to wipe away the intellectual plaque… emotions

I had a very unique experience on Thursday. I was on a coaching call. I shared one of difficulties with my business.

The coach: vibration 220, IQ: 130, spent 40 minutes, talking back and forth. He taught something that I had never heard, a way of business that I could not even fathom, and it was amazing. I immediately saw how I can use it, how I have been making mistakes not knowing what he was teaching.

It was a zoom call with everyone on camera, and I could observe, connect to, and muscletest the people on the call. What was most striking to me: the degree they weren’t getting the teaching.

Every person on the call had an IQ of 100. In a world where the average is 70, that is pretty good… they are all entrepreneurs able to afford the price of the coaching program. running a business of sorts.

Every person on the call had 200 vibration. Continue reading “Emotions to the intellect are like plaque for the arteries”