Want to avoid negative emotions? Stupid move!

negative-emotionsWhy you must go through emotional phases, no matter how high your vibration, or how successful you are

  • You imagine that when you’ll have raised your vibration sufficiently, you won’t have sadness, hopelessness, despair… frustration, hate, spite, resistance, and such. Bah humbug.
  • You imagine that successful people don’t have those feelings… so you imagine that if you want to be successful you need to get rid of the bad feelings.
  • You don’t even care about vibration and success, you just don’t want to feel those bad feelings.

But you are building pies in the sky… because those feelings are normal, necessary, and you can’t and should not get rid of them.
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Emotions are guidance… emotional turmoils, emotional upheavals are even more

it comes back to haunt you until you are don with itIt is the natural state of an Expanding Human Being to experience no emotions for hours, maybe even days at a time.

Emotions are a response to life, to danger, and should be momentary and responded to. Not the continuous torturous emotional states you are experiencing.

When something evokes a strong emotional response, fear, disgust, there is something you need to deal with. Something that is out of whack, something that is unfinished business, suppressed, swept under the rug, and threatens to throw you out of you equilibrium, your peace of mind.

Of course, for most people life is going from emotional turmoil to emotional turmoil, but it doesn’t change what I said: emotional turmoil is an indication that there is something unfinished, and it needs to be finished.
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