The Empath’s theory of what went wrong 7,000 years ago

theory that we live in a computer simulationWarning: this article is a likely story. A theory. A theory to explain something that doesn’t make sense…

So consume it with a grain of salt. But it’s not fake news… so don’t reject it without reading…

It’s about the current state of humanity, where humanity as a whole is on a dead end, not where the ‘original design’ clearly destined it…

The Original Design is spelled out in the DNA. The blueprint. The tools and the path to take.

Humanity got off this path, according to my muscletesting, seven thousand years ago. Continue reading “The Empath’s theory of what went wrong 7,000 years ago”

I just had an insight that may be worth sharing.

Yesterday, or maybe the day before I got an order for a Starting Point Measurements.

I delivered it… and got an answer back looking for the mp3. What mp3? Turns out that the person clicked on a page that talked about the Harmonizer Avatar State audio, but the buy button was coded to sell the Starting Point Measurements.

I checked, I corrected… and offered to refund the buyer’s purchase.

She said: I’d prefer the mp3.

I explained what the mp3 is, so this time there is no misunderstanding, wrong link… My explanation said: do not use the audio through an earphone: the energy is too strong: it can scramble your brain.

She said she certainly didn’t want her brain scrambled.

Simple: don’t listen to the audio through headphones… Continue reading “I just had an insight that may be worth sharing.”