When the guru is wrong…

thats-methed-up-dudeWhen the ‘guru’ is wrong

People put gurus on a pedestal, but guru simply means ‘teacher’ in some language: teacher… wise teacher.

But I am not a guru. I may teach, but my methodology, experimenting, is more scientific.

Scientists have a hypothesis, and then proceed to prove or disprove it. Both are good results.

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Restarting my water energizing system after the Dark Side event of Labor Day weekend

Like everyone’s water my water lost its vibration completely over Labor Day weekend. Fully energized water is 653 vibration, and the water dropped to 200.

My cell hydration dropped to 10%, and I had no energy, not even to read. It was a worse experience than my stomach bug that put me in bed for five weeks.

But the Dark Side energy let up Monday evening, and Tuesday morning I could consider restarting my system.

So what is a water energizing system?

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Republished: The Juice Exercise: what gives you “juice” in life?

what-makes-life-juicyI have been coaching people for many years now. The goal was always to take people on a journey to become their best Self.

Now, the task is easier when someone knows who they are. When someone has a Self.

Most people don’t. They have a persona for each group they interact with, the family persona, the student persona, the friend, the gossiper, the entertainer, the this and the that.

Those personas (roles you play) are not you. They were created by a perceived demand in the circumstances, a perceived demand in the environment.

They leave you empty, they leave you being jerked by the shoulds, and have to’s and the wants… like a puppet on a string.

You sense that you have no control, you sense that you are not you… a vague sense.
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Vortex Water vs Energizer Water energized with the Energizer® energy; What is the difference?

scalar2There is a difference.

What causes water’s low energy, water’s incoherence, is the little water spouts around impurities…

Just like you, your water is ADD, maybe even ADHD. Distilled water has more water spouts, so it is more incoherent even than tap water purified with primitive filters.

ADD and ADHD, in this connotation means that the water cannot pull it together, it is all over the place, it is confused, and it is hapless.

It may be strange to say that water is hapless, but that is how water feels… as an Empath I can tell you that. Starts and stops, attention span of a fly.

When you put incoherent water in your body, all hell breaks loose…

…even if you weren’t ADD before, it actually makes YOU incoherent, hapless, starts and stops… all over the place.

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What is energized water?

energized-waterThis article explains what is energized water, what energizing does to the water, the difference between water in nature or from your tap, from a bottle, and energized water.

The main difference is that energized water, fully energized water, water whose vibration is raised to 653, is coherent… and the human cells accept it willingly whereas all other waters are not willingly accepted by the cells.

A few years ago I had a conversation with a well known guru. I shared with him that energized water is amazingly smooth, easy to drink, tastes good, and makes you feel like you did something good for your body.

He got really really angry. He said: water is water. H2O

Now, years later I am still drinking energized water, I look younger than I looked when I was 50, and my skin is smooth, my health is great. He is divorced, battling depression, he could use some energized water… lol.
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Water: does it help or does it hinder your body?

tap_waterWater! 70% of your body is water, and every single chemical process in your body requires water. In your cell and in between the cells.

Clean, well structured, good water. Water that lubricates your joints. Water that dissolves and carries the vitamins and the minerals to where they become life. Water that refreshes you, quenches your thirst, and leaves you with more energy than when you started.

Unfortunately to all of us, this is not the case. The water that is available for us, whether it is through the tap, through a “pristine” mountain stream, in a bottle, is water that doesn’t fit to drink.

The minimum energy, the minimum vibration, the minimum “consciousness level” water needs to have is 300. That is what muscle test says the body needs to match itself… for the water to neither add nor take away from its state. On the vibrational scale of consciousness. If its vibration is lower, then it robs your body of energy, and it robs you of your life, of your happiness, of your peace of mind, of your brilliance, of your health.

I have measured the vibration of water from different sources, and this is what I found this morning:
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Energize Water to 653 With Energizer Audio – A fast revolutionary way to get fully energized water

Water Energizer Audio: Energize Your Water With Energies Embedded in Audio; Beta Testers Complete!

Necessity is the mother of invention… Or we could say that Creative Problem Solving is the mother of invention, at least in my case.

Five days ago I created an Avatar State Activator for myself, for Creative Problem Solving… I needed it to solve some issues that looked like a catch 22… impossible to solve.

I played the audio and was wondering what kind of “solution” I will find to my problem.

Today I received an order for a liter of energized water from a student… and realized that I so underpriced it, that I was working for free… not a good thing… lol.

Then I had an idea: what if I could record myself energizing water, would the energy be embedded in the audio? Muscle test said yes… so I recorded it and you can get it now.
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Did the Dark Side Get to you? Feeling Good or Feeling Bad

dark-sideYour reactive nature and dark side attacks: how does it work?

Yesterday was an interesting day. I distinguished something new. It was all easier, because something happened that was unusual.

Within three minutes three separate orders came in for Heaven on Earth, my energy bundle to ease your emotional pain. At the same exact time I was doubling over with feeling horrible anguish and the desire to just disappear, die, whatever.

Almost the entire month of May I’d felt good. I was more productive than any other time in my life. I was clear, I was well.

Now, you may not have noticed, but the fact that you feel good is a non-event. You only notice that you felt good when something happens and suddenly you don’t feel good.

This is exactly what happened to me. I suddenly was plagued with anguish, extreme anguish, and when I muscle tested, it came from no one, but when I asked: Is this a Dark Side attack? The answer was Yes.

Holy crap, 19 days (I muscle tested) with no Dark Side attacks.
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