Never really say no?

Master-the-art-of-saying-no-so-you-can-say-yes-to-what-matters-most-e1357110457770Saying no feels rude. Any type of no. Setting your boundaries, hanging up the phone, saying you are busy…

Even when no one knows you have a hard time saying no.

How do I know? I just observed myself.

The price of being polite, agreeable, and accommodating

I was on a webinar where they showed how to use a graphics software and it was really good and really enjoyable. Then they started to pitch a bonus… I wasn’t interested in the offer.

Yet, I caught myself staying on the call… and instead of just disconnecting, I tried to multitask: saying yes and no at the same time. I felt my shoulders tighten, and my stomach hurt.

Oh, I want to say no, and I am not saying it, instead I am acting it out… I thought, and then, finally, I hung up.
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Why most training programs, transformational programs can’t work… Energies Part 5

Clipart Illustration of a Double Helix DNA Strand Spanning DiagoI have been complaining…

… I have been blamed for it… People say I am angry, whatever. They are turned off by my complaining…

But the truth of the matter is this: if there were transformational programs that deliver on their promises, I would be first in line to recommend them to do, because I don’t particularly enjoy doing those trainings. I like coaching, I like working with energies, I like creating energy products, but I don’t like to teach distinctions of transformation.

There are companies that teach better than me, except that their results, the students’ results are flash in the pan…

So I have been complaining for, I don’t know… 20 years? lol…

I’d love to have them do the “grunt work”… and just work with the students that want to take those distinctions and make a great life with what they learned, using my energies.
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