I just had an insight that may be worth sharing.

Yesterday, or maybe the day before I got an order for a Starting Point Measurements.

I delivered it… and got an answer back looking for the mp3. What mp3? Turns out that the person clicked on a page that talked about the Harmonizer Avatar State audio, but the buy button was coded to sell the Starting Point Measurements.

I checked, I corrected… and offered to refund the buyer’s purchase.

She said: I’d prefer the mp3.

I explained what the mp3 is, so this time there is no misunderstanding, wrong link… My explanation said: do not use the audio through an earphone: the energy is too strong: it can scramble your brain.

She said she certainly didn’t want her brain scrambled.

Simple: don’t listen to the audio through headphones… Continue reading “I just had an insight that may be worth sharing.”