The four core default contexts… or Why I stopped participating in Landmark Education?

the four core enforced by booksActually, I continued to participate in Landmark after the incident I’ll tell you about… but NEVER intended to contribute any more. Or not really. I was participating from hurt… knowing that what was broken cannot be fixed.

18 years ago, as I was coaching someone, it became clear to me that there are this four core invisibles, that are underneath every issue, every distinction, every weird, unethical, unsavory action a human being makes. Continue reading “The four core default contexts… or Why I stopped participating in Landmark Education?”

What is the negative energy you are trying to eliminate? The energy that blocks you?

Before i say anything else, all the illustrations about negative energy, negativity I use in this post are b.s. and harmful… The Hungarian Christmas pictures… I remember being a child…

Yesterday I was on a group coaching call where a so-called energy practitioner 1 got some marketing advice while others, including me, listened in.

She was discussing her marketing to sell her almost a thousand dollar course on clearing negative energy.

I have to admit that I have never sold a course for that much money. Never even thought I could. Never even thought it would be fair…

I spent the day after that call not wanting to do anything. Not even walk… lol. That is so rare, it is worth mentioning.

I slept well, I am taping my mouth shut again and I sleep a lot better.

I woke up somewhat revitalized and invigorated… = revigorated.

What do I mean revigorated?

Your first sign of getting dead is having less or no question. Continue reading “What is the negative energy you are trying to eliminate? The energy that blocks you?”

Vibrational Review: Donna Eden – Updated

Donna Eden laughing all the way to the bankDonna Eden 1

Her vibration is 230 120… the highest of the so called ‘energy practitioners’.

She works exclusively with 4th plane energies. She doesn’t connect to Source (Reality).

Muscle test results: what she teaches vibrates at 300 Has a truth value 3% truth value… meaning 97% not true.
Can she heal? No.
Can she teach what she does? No.
Is it worth my time? No.
Does she believe that what she does is the truth? Yes. No.
Average vibration of people she attracts: 120

If you want to raise your vibration (raise your vibrational frequency) any modality under 500 is a poor choice. This includes religion, meditation, chanting, etc. Anything under 500 or truth value of 30% … won’t raise your vibration, most will lower it. Under 500 everything is Tree of Knowledge: disconnected from Source and the Original Design. Disconnected from truth.

He is also on Mind Valley, which means “fraud” in my world.

How the rich think. I didn’t say what? I didn’t say what they believe? I said how…

tailored-vs-untailored dietCustom diet plan… versus a plan off the rack.

I want to do more Health Consultations. So I have been reading emails in my spam folder for ideas what hooks people… Spammers, marketeers know how you think and therefore they know how to hook you.

I found this subject line: “Custom diet plan…” and I contemplated using it. A custom diet plan, this is what I give people, will cost you. But unlike custom made clothes, this will not cost you much more than a diet plan off the rack, in fact on the long run, it will cost you less.

But here is the interesting thing: even when someone comes to me for a health consultation, they quickly return to their lives and do what they have always done: chasing mirages. Chasing quick fixes. Chasing a fix. 1

But why? What is the difference between clients that do well with the diet and clients who do well for a while, but then go back to almost the way they were?

This is what I am examining in this article. It’s long, be forewarned.
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How will you have the energy to grow? How I did it…

I saw something today I hadn’t seen before. But before I say what I saw, let me dispel some myth: there is no such thing as bad energy. Energy is energy. It is good if you use it for good. And bad if you use it for bad. I’ll write another article on this: but I have the urge to state it here and now: there is no such thing as bad energy.

All energy is good… and some meets you and triggers something bad… But it’s you… sorry. Oops.

OK. let me start saying what I wanted to say: Continue reading “How will you have the energy to grow? How I did it…”

Working on the thing you want, directly, is a mistake…

you are a liarThe same faulty thinking, the same thinking that makes you not do things that don’t directly produce money, or the results you seek, the same thinking that makes you a chef with no food in the pantry, is what keeps your relationships empty, and causes your vibration to remain low.

I was just looking at a post of mine: an Osho talk.

He says: Allow Silence to Grow

It triggered a distaste in my mouth. I published that article and I am suddenly knocking it? WTF, right?

But there is a reason… I have changed. I see things that even just a week ago could not see

I have to confess something: I am reading a book, called “Feelings” and inadvertently it has knocked my vibration up a notch. How? Why? It managed to put me in touch with some feelings I have been protecting myself from.
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Tools to remove Dark Side attachments yourself

sorcerer-overloadThis article gives you some tools that you can use to remove the Dark Side attachments you unwittingly gathered through curiosity, greed, or desire to heal. If I refused to remove your attachments, this is what I can offer to you, for now. If you can’t afford my services to remove you attachments, this is also your path.

From time to time I am approached by people that I know are dangerous. Some are unconscious of the danger they pose… they are like zombies… operated by a power greater than themselves: an evil and dark power.

How did that happen? They find themselves attracted to weird stuff… energies, spells, curses, rituals, magical, magik.

The attraction comes from weakness. And the weakness gets exploited.

Thousands of weak sorcerer wannabees walk around the planet, all enslaved by killer energies. Many come to me to curse me or ask for help.
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Magic, miracles, energy work, woo woo… can you tell what you are getting?

magiciansI don’t believe in miracles. I don’t believe in spirits, angels, gods, dead people talking, walking, I don’t even believe in soul surviving your death. But I like magicians and magic tricks.

When you watch magic, it seems easy. It seems fast. I seems magical… doesn’t it?

Real magic takes hours, weeks, months worth of preparation, manufacturing of special equipment, without those most magic tricks will never happen.

I won’t mention the lots of practice here, because it doesn’t fit my agenda… lol.

I only rarely talk to other “spiritual teachers” or “energy practitioners”, because I am not attracted to them, we don’t seem to have anything in common.

But occasionally life throws one my way, and I have to talk to them.

This happened this past week, and it just hit me that I learned something important: they are magicians.
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I tried it once and it didn’t work — pretending to want a better life

good bye survival modeThis is another article using Roy Williams’ Monday Morning Memo for today.

They say: every journey starts with the first step, and no one listens.They say: “I can remove your blockages to action, I can remove the fear…” and you flock to them… them “gurus”.

Are you stupid, or something?
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Evolution, social genes, and brain plasticity

stoneageYour social genes haven’t changed in the past 200,000 years. They are still the same as when humans were hunter gatherers, the stone age. Social genes are the genes that define behavior.

Where do we see this? Hunter-gatherers were not adventurous. They didn’t go hunting again, until they had to. They preferred to share, to be nice to each other, that way they didn’t have to risk confrontation. This lived in clans, hunted in clans, and followed the leaders.

They judged everything by their first impression of it, or by prejudice: they didn’t experiment, didn’t stop to think, didn’t give second chances. A wolf in sheep’s clothing would be accepted as sheep.

And yet, this bunch of scared followers now live in cities, drive cars, study at universities.
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