My secret weapon

The Big Bundle of energies other people sell piecemeal… I am going to sell you as a bundle.

We all hear and read about energy healing, but most of that healing doesn’t work or it’s disappointing.

But here is an energy tool that works… Really.

July 29, 2018. As you may know I accidentally poisoned myself. The toxin came from food, and according to muscle test there was a 90% chance it was going to kill me. And it felt exactly like that.

After a few days I looked what I could use… nothing chemical, Source said. Nothing physical, Source said. Energy? Maybe, Source said.

When I say Source said, I mean: I muscle tested while connected to Source.

Finally I settled on the “Big Bundle” and I could hear as the dried out, dead parts of my colon started to break up, and break off… I felt almost immediate relief. I have done the treatment two more times, and today I actually had appetite to eat a little bit, and I now know I’ll live.

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Create a life you love

Oh no! This video software that used to work doesn’t work any more. I cried out… This can happen to anyone. Technology changes so rapidly, keeping pace with it is both expensive and time consuming.

Sometimes there is an upgrade. Nowadays upgrades cost money… or the software developer simply abandoned you… and you are stranded with a software that doesn’t work any more.

I have been teaching what I teach for seven years. Teach people a world view that has been tested and true, and includes the invisible. This world view is sharply different from the accepted norms… but it works, instead of just being a nice theory like what psychologists and philosophers teach. Or even Landmark Education… or the Kabbalah Centre… or any of the gurus. Continue reading “Create a life you love”

Is this feeling mine? The most important use of muscle testing – updated

I am sitting here by my computer feeling devastated. In despair. On the verge of crying.

I have no reason to feel this way. Things are OK, I am OK. WTF! right?

So I muscle test. Is this mine? No. Is this coming from my next door neighbor? yes/no

OK? it is coming from there and from somewhere else? right? yes.

Is it an energy blast? A broadcast? Yes. We both got caught up in that. With the major difference, that I can tell, because of muscle testing, that it is not mine. So she remains in despair and i am free.

The human mind is a meaning making, story spinning machine. Continue reading “Is this feeling mine? The most important use of muscle testing – updated”

Never practice surgery on your family and other lessons for life…

662311125cd60dbfa86171ea8e68a6b3Developing the habit to look before you leap

You have habits, thought patterns, beliefs, practices that guarantee that your life will not change, especially won’t change for the better.

When you do a course, read a book, or talk to a coach, you want to do and change the most important thing about your life: drop 30 pounds, start a new business, or leave your husband.

You are unprepared.

You are like a medical student: you need to practice surgery on cadavers before you cut open your mother or father… translating for those that can’t see the forest for the trees: you need to develop the practices that are building blocks for a good life.
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Learn awareness, the strongest indicator of health, wealth, love, and happiness

distinctions-are-the-secret-sauceChangeability, adaptability is the secret of living a consistently good life… but changeability and adaptability depend on awareness. As your awareness grows in the four pillars of the good life, so your success and the quality of your life…

By the way, did you notice I didn’t say “learn about awareness…” but that is what you read? Right?

In the old Forum program, the Forum Leader came in, screaming at us, poor unsuspecting brand new participants: For you Everything is the same as everything else … except not always.

It took me years to decipher that and see that it is true.
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You need to be astute to know when to pursue a goal and when to quit

astute-examplesMy site gets a lot of hits… people looking to find out how they too could become astute…

Astute people are happier, wealthier, more popular than others.

Of course they are looking for a quick fix to what the opposite of astute is: blindness, unawareness, cluelessness, being a bumbling idiot, or not being able tell their elbow from their ass.

I am not talking down at anyone… I was looking at myself to come up with those opposites.

We are clueless some of the time, most of us: most of the time.
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Republished: Feeling weak? Drained? Or weird? You may have a Dark Side attachment that is sucking you dry

collar-leash-humanReader asks:

Can your energy or vibration be “stolen” from you? If so, can you please point me in the direction of the person or thing that can help me protect myself? I used to be happy and friendly, now I think I have mini anxiety attacks, because when someone gets too close I start sweating and blushing for no reason. All this happened immediately after I started dating someone who was really deep into the occult (I didn’t know at the time).

I connected to the reader and lo and behold, she has an attachment on the right hand side towards the back of her neck.

Energy draining, or enslavement attachment are very frequent.

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Clueless… why clueless people don’t see themselves clueless?

I am fineClueless

When we say we are clueless, it means that we don’t know. We feel like we are in a fog where every direction looks equally bleak… we don’t start, because we want to go in the right direction.

Now, is that clueless, or is that feeling clueless?

Let’s look at an example:

More than 100 thousand pages talk about DNA activation. Thousands on thousands of people look for that.

They are promised instant enlightenment, whatever that is.

Now, the truth is, there is no instant enlightenment. There is nothing instant, neither healing, nor DNA activation.

It is true that the light can be turned on with the flick of a switch, but you won’t see anything for a little while…

Even hearing is not instant… it takes the sound to go through filters until it reaches the mind and comprehension results.

Now, the question is: the person who sells this, and the person who buys it: are they clueless or do they feel clueless?
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How Does Water Energize Your Body? Get All The Answers…

how does the water energize you?

How Does Water Energize Your Body?

The question is: are you drinking it? Are you near it? Are you swimming or bathing in it?

Let’s see each case, shall we?

If and when you are drinking it, there are a few things to be aware of

Want to Get Energized by your drinking water?

Here are a few things to consider when you want to be energized by your drinking water.

  • Is the water, you are looking at, compatible with a healthy body?
  • its Vibration: is it high or is it low?
  • its molecular spin: supposedly left spin is better
  • its purity: contaminant can kill you
  • its mineral content: water without mineral content tastes bad
  • its mood… I know it sounds funny, but some water is really angry!

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Announcing: “My secret weapon” webinar

Sophie Benshitta Maven webinarNow that a bunch of you have bought my Secret Weapon, the Big Bundle of energies 1 The purpose of this article is to announce the WEBINAR I am forced to do to let you feel the energy and teach you to use it correctly.

So, announcing the Big Bundle webinar.
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