Days of Power energy download

days-of-powerOne can connect to Source on whatever vibrational level one is…

Vibrational level, in this context equals the consciousness level, or how far up you have ascended on the Tree of Life.

I know of four levels of connecting. Each higher level includes the previous lower level of capacities.

Level 0: Theta mode: you connect to your self… Here is the webinar recording that teaches it… Theta training. You have to be registered as a subscriber to that site.

  • Level 1: You can, for moments at a time, dis-identify with your mind
  • Level 2: You can measure ideas, concepts, and stuff you are not directly connected to, like people. You are a true empath with highly honed abilities. You don’t live in your mind, you have released ego (the selfish gene) so you can connect, while you are connecting.
  • Level 3: You can download energies, like the activators, or the Energizer. I need to be highly coherent, balanced, and in good shape to “jump” to this level
  • Level 4: You can download the Avatar State energy and the Days of Power energies…

    Level 4 is barely tolerable. I can be there for only 30 seconds at a time… or it fries my brain… it is so burning.

    Tonight we’ll have a Days of Power download, only the second time. It is very hard on me. And it is very hard for me to put myself on Level 4 of connecting.
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How to be successful without being evil

winningOne of the distinctions from Wallace D. Wattles: The Science of Getting Rich is called “The Creative Plane.”

Most of us, most of the time, live on the competitive plane.

The competitive plane has several aspects, and depending on your disposition, you’ll be able to counter some, while not be able or be willing to counter others.

  1. The first aspect of the competitive plane is comparison. On the competitive plane you are always going some place, you are never where you are, the only concept you have from the here and now is that it’s not enough, not yet, not there yet, not the right place, not good enough, or wrong. Not the right thing, not the right place. That is the foundation of the competitive plane, and the result is misery… felt or not, when you operate in the competitive plane, you are miserable, always hungering, always yearning, always out of sorts..
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Who are you? How secure are you in who you are?

dopamine, serotonin, AcetylcholineSummary: Distinctions are windows to reality. They are questions asked as the beam of flashlight shine on reality but pointing out only the parts that answer the questions.

This article will shine a light on the question: how secure are you in who you are? Do you survive the onslaught of energies of the horizontal, the masses, the Facebook stuff, the “friends”, the media, the Dark Side energies… Can you stay who you are while all that is going on? Do you even know who you are?
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Energy vampires: how it works and how I fell victim to one myself

energy vampireSome people thrive on your energy. If you have no tools to measure, you don’t even know.

The people that attach themselves to you to drain your energy into themselves are normally your family or close friends.

I had a client whose father was draining her life force for years when I first checked her. She was in worse shape than the father. Although I removed the attachment every time we spoke, she stayed living with her parents. She got sicker and weaker by the day, she was sacrificing her life for her 80 year old dad’s. I refused to cooperate.

Another client came to me with an attachment that had been there for years. He went shrinking, complaining of ringing ears… I removed the attachment, but he went out and looked for other women to attach themselves to him. He had no courage to live his live as a fully responsible adult. This way he had an excuse.

My downstairs neighbor, a male, was using his girl friend’s energy. I watched the girl wither. I sent her energy without her knowing it, and finally she moved out and away to have her own life and keep her own energy. The guy promptly went out to look for another victim.

Energy-Vampire-ExamplesFor the past week I have been feeling off. My balance has been off, my energy has been off. I didn’t think of measuring my vibration, but a “student” tested his muscle-testing prowess on me, and it turned out that my vibration dropped 33 points: huge. I was mortified, really I still am.

As you know, muscle-testing is tricky: you can’t just ask any question, the question needs to be clear and have a yes/no answer. So you are left to your imagination and intuition: the better questions you ask the surer that you’ll get an answer.
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Case Study: Vik Day 8-16

[8/1/2011 11:48:42 AM] Vik: hi
[8/1/2011 11:50:16 AM] Sophie Maven: no report today?
[8/1/2011 11:50:27 AM] Vik: will send it in sometime
[8/1/2011 11:50:30 AM] Vik: how am i progressing
[8/1/2011 11:50:39 AM] Sophie Maven: how was work today?
[8/1/2011 11:50:48 AM] Vik: work was good
[8/1/2011 11:50:55 AM] Sophie Maven: I expected that
[8/1/2011 11:51:03 AM] Vik: but towards the evening i felt lethargic
[8/1/2011 11:51:07 AM] Vik: and energies scattered
[8/1/2011 11:51:50 AM] Sophie Maven: you are just under 270. It is not a straight line. I am having a very difficult day today… and I am at 795…

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Case Study: Indian Man, Vik

11:44:29 AM, August 4, 2011
Vik: hi
Sophie Maven: hold Vikur, I am in the middle of something
Vik: how r u doing
Vik: k
Sophie Maven: I removed another attachment, it is your wife’s family, didn’t get a lock on who, personally. it was on the other side
Sophie Maven: you need to learn to cloak yourself
Vik: who could it be?
Sophie Maven: it is mostly a female
Vik: ok..what is this exactly…
Vik: is it some kind of a black magic?
Sophie Maven: energy vampires

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