shouldWhat’s amiss with should?

Or for that matter shouldn’t?

I am looking for the principle here…

Here is my observation:

If you listen to the voice that says: it should be this way: it should be easy, I should already know, it should come to me, etc. then you won’t do what it takes to actually make it so. To rearrange things, massage things, do and say the things that will make it so.

I am somewhat learning disabled. I don’t have a should, not a bit in my makeup. Continue reading “Should”

I am depleted. Where did my energy go? Running on empty

I could say ‘I am depleted’ as I have always said: I am running on empty. I could also say: I feel emotionally and intellectually empty. But like you, I can benefit from adding to my vocabulary of state-expressing words, and feeling-indicating words.

When I don’t feel energized, when I am not full of creativity and when I don’t have three new articles almost ready to write, when I don’t feel like I have new programs to launch, then eventually I start to wonder, maybe even worry.

It’s not like me to have nothing to say.

Why? What happened? Where did my energy go? Continue reading “I am depleted. Where did my energy go? Running on empty”