Enlighten yourself… as often as you can

In yesterday’s Talk-to-me webinar one of the things that came up, thank you Baheej, was the idea that you need to be looking at your shortcomings, gaffes, and mistakes with kind eyes.

We all have them, but depending on your attitude towards them they mean that you are no good, they mean that you need to explain, apologize, lie, attack, avoid responsibility, or they mean that you made a blunder… no big deal.

I recommend a lighthearted approach to mistakes. I call it “play with your kaka”, whatever you can play with, you don’t hate.

Now, admittedly, I still have a few things I have done in my life I haven’t been able to play with, or bring a kind eye to… but I am working on it.

Your self-growth depends on your ability to laugh at yourself and take yourself less seriously. Continue reading “Enlighten yourself… as often as you can”

Go beyond where you NORMALLY stop… Go to where the sun shines, no matter what the season is

I woke up disgruntled… (=angry, dissatisfied) almost ready to go into devastation (which is my “home page”) but it all changed as I sat down and began to write. What was going to be a rant, became a celebration.

I guess I am not stuck with, neither am invested in, nor am I resisting being someone who rants when I feel beaten, or slighted, or hurt…Most of my students either are invested (i.e. known for) or resist being angry… i.e. stuck with being angry. Continue reading “Go beyond where you NORMALLY stop… Go to where the sun shines, no matter what the season is”

Yesterday’s enlightenment is today’s pretense

You may not be able to see it on gurus… but I can. Gurus are liars… because they share an incident in their past that doesn’t go beyond that moment…

But repeating that incident is hard… and most of the time we don’t know how it happened… like a past life memory, or any other insight. The mechanism is hidden from our view.

And then this gurus go around doing what gurus do: extrapolate from that one experience, and teach the unsuspecting millions the only way… ugh… They teach how to live, how to think, how to this and that…

And because you want what they are talking about, you fall for it… Make a decision to do it, buy it, follow it, and then it doesn’t work.


How one is to make decisions in life? Decisions that work… It’s not a stupid question…

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