Without hate you can’t have love. Or is it the other way?

Without great love you can’t have hate.

And without great love you can’t have courage.

Most of my clients, and I suppose most people are cold fish. The don’t feel deeply, there is no great love and there is no great hate in them.

Are the people who are ‘pro-life’ lovers of life, and haters of death? No, they have no love in their hearts, therefore the hate they espouse is fake. They just want to be right.

The enemy of love is indifference. And the enemy of hate is indifference.

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What to expect after gene adjustment? What will change?

gene adjustmentI offered free gene tree testing in yesterday’s article to people I already know. A lot of people resonated with the misbehaving genes, and wanted to know if their lives are not working, if they are not very happy and successful because of those misbehaving genes.

So I was testing that…  Your DNA tree. The genes that should turn on or turn off on their own, but they they didn’t.

  • The baby genes: Two genes (I call them baby-genes) that are very useful in babyhood that normally turn off at some point to make you responsible for your actions, make you someone who can become self-sufficient and productive in life. These genes normally turn off by school-age… but for many of you one or both didn’t turn off, and the gene(s) ‘on’ left you with a life you don’t love, left you with a self that is hard to love. It left you feeling and acting entitled and thus unable to take the actions necessary to create a life and a self you can love.
  • The permission gene: Another such gene isn’t on for a baby, because it would make the baby not want to be a baby, not want to remain dependent. I call that the permission gene. At some point in life, around 8-9 the gene should turn on, but for many of you it didn’t or hasn’t. It is a gene that prohibits the child to go too far from the parent, from the safety of the home… but later in life that ‘permission’ is crucial to allow you to be willing and able to explore, do new things, to enjoy life, and to grow yourself and your ‘playground’.

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Another way to look at entitlement and entitled creeps

another way to look at entitled creepsSuperstition is (from Wikipedia) A superstition is a belief or practice typically resulting from ignorance or pseudo science, (a misunderstanding of science or false causality), that is mistakenly attributed to fate or magic, perceived supernatural influence, or fear of that which is unknown. It is commonly applied to beliefs and practices surrounding luck, charms[disambiguation needed], astrology, fortune telling, phantoms[disambiguation needed], and certain paranormal entities, particularly the belief that future events can be foretold by specific (apparently) unrelated prior events.

Also, the word superstition is often used to refer to a religion not practiced by the majority of a given society regardless of whether the prevailing religion contains alleged superstitions.

superstitionOK. Is Wikipedia 100% true? Normally no… On average the Wikipedia articles have a 60% truth value. On the other hand these above two paragraphs, according to muscle test are 100% true.

So why do I want to talk, suddenly about superstition? Who do I want to ‘knock’ this time? lol…

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Remove just one attitude… and your happiness will grow 60%

The only effective method to make something work is to remove, little by little, all the things that make it not work, or not work as well as it could.

This is true in every area of life.

So what can be removed?

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You never stop needing to heal. The cause is still there

is healing for real? can you heal yourself?What does it mean “Healing”?

It is transcending suffering, physical, emotional, intellectual… any suffering.

Why do you need healing? you ask. If you don’t… then you are lucky. Most people do. In fact I don’t know a single person who doesn’t… but, of course, you may be the exception.

No matter how you grew up, how good people your parents were, or other people, or your peers, you got banged up. Hurt.

Being hurt is an experience.

Did you get hurt in reality? Not necessarily. But as long as you live in an unreality where your emotions tell you what is happening, you will remain miserable… and hurt… and suffering. Continue reading “You never stop needing to heal. The cause is still there”

How is your life-satisfaction? Want it to go higher?

Everyone wants to be smarter, or if it is too much to ask: wants to look smart.

But why? Because of what? To what end? What would smart get you?

For some people it would help them produce results in whatever they are doing… For others it would get the promise, the mirage of being able to produce results… and they hope that they won’t need to actually produce anything.

Because you only get your rewards, with actual results. In a normal world, in a world where people act rationally. Obviously we don’t quite live in a normal world…

Very few people do what it takes to become someone who can produce.

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