The beingness of an entrepreneur… some Netflix examples

I am playing Freecell. I do that to learn pattern recognition, I do that to track how high or how low my intelligence is, given what I eat, or what I do. I do that because while I am doing that, inspiration strikes, more often than not.

So I don’t play Freecell to win, don’t play Freecell to entertain myself… not even close. It is not like youtube, or some other stupid social media, that wants to hijack your attention: in fact it gives my attention back to me…

So as I am sitting here, I remember a British TV show (The Paradise) about a department store and a young girl who becomes an entrepreneur. It was excellent, in spite of the soap opera elements… and then suddenly it ended before its time.

I guess any ‘soap opera’ show that is useful is not popular? Continue reading “The beingness of an entrepreneur… some Netflix examples”