What is the technology of personal evolution…

I have said, in another article, that what is “normal” for a vehicle for the selfish gene (a human), is to move to and then stay in an ess.

Evolutionary stable strategy. Where life works relatively smoothly.

If you listen to the genes, you’ll live that way, you live in an ess.

Your job, your family, your health, your thinking are all in an ess… You don’t grow, you survive. You get up in the morning because you didn’t die the night before. It is probably boring, and you are probably sick, dumb, and poor. Or maybe not. It pretty much depends on what you start with.

That is how most people live, and it has a pull that is very strong.

You don’t rock the boat. You make do. You may do stupid things, and they likely take you downwards, towards gravity.

Now, it is obvious that this is not the path of creating epigenetic shifts toward living a life worth living. Not for me, not for the spirit, not for the soul. It is the ideal life for the selfish gene.

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The holographic learning method in action

The best method of learning is not linear. It is holographic. Your picture always contains the whole picture… even if it is still fuzzy… so the context is already set. You know where and how things fit in the big picture.

Miko brings up a topic that can lead us to some useful learning practices, a more useful knowledge base, a life with direction, and maybe even to a life worth living.

Sophie, what I got from this article is that persistent hammering on a task is a way to raise my TLB score, and that it’s natural that it’s going to be fuzzy at the beginning, but that’s no reason to quit.

I’ve been studying philosophy, as an experiment of sorts, and I recently got a text to work with as a homework, where my experience is a bit like what you described here — I don’t understand half the words. But I’m starting to see that as I look some of them up, and re-read the paragraphs, some of the things are getting a little clearer.

So the thing for me to do is to go through the whole text again… and again, if I must.

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Epigenetics… the path of human evolution: from human to human being

How I use the energy that I download during the Days of Power

After I moved out of my parents’ home, I met this guy who became my boy friend. My first boy friend.

He was a philosophy student, son of a well known philosopher.

I didn’t understand a word they were talking. When I typed up his thesis I bastardized some of the words, because I had no idea they weren’t typos. They didn’t look like, they weren’t regular words.

Here I am 46 years later, and if you asked me what profession I have, I would have to tell you that I am closest to being a philosopher. Boggles the mind. Continue reading “Epigenetics… the path of human evolution: from human to human being”

Witness a “measure my vibration” conversation… very educational

open-micThis is a conversation between a person who sent me a donation to find out his vibration.

The conversation worth quoting: I say a lot of important things there… so please read and heed.

Please measure my vibration. Here is my $15 donation….

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Sell an idea for a buck… then do it again. Make your first dollar…

>first-dollarOne of the best life lessons I follow, I learned in a course, 30 years ago.

The course was called “more money workshop”

The lesson was: sell an idea for a dollar to at least three people.

It’s not easy, especially if you have never thought that you could sell an idea.

It has two benefits:

  1. it gets you over the hump of what is worth money. A lot if people think that they are geniouses, but they never sold anything, so they have no idea if their ideas are worth anything.

    Because worth is not innate… it is in the eye of the buyer.
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I had a few interesting client interactions today plus epigenetics

achievement-unlockedI have gleaned quite come new information about people who become my clients.

–Client #1: energy teacher, practitioner.

Has been paying me for years to do work on him. This time I did work on him, on his ex, and am waiting for payment to work on some of his associates.

It doesn’t even occur to him to work on being a co-creator: he is either believing in my power to do it for him, or he doesn’t believe in it…

My hunch is that he, secretly, knows that what he does is ineffective, and by the same token he is sure, secretly, that what I do is ineffective.

Reminds me of money gurus, or law of attraction gurus: big boys club support each other: each benefit equally by throwing dust in the unsuspecting “plebs” eyes.
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