What if you have something blocking you from growing? The Seven Boulders principle

When you decide on direction for your life, you suddenly find yourself with obstacles blocking even your view of the horizon, let alone your path.

Your reaction to it will be two kinds… in my experience.

  • One: you’ll want to jump all the way to the end… and most likely you’ll fall flat on your face. I have clients who do that… habitually… never realizing that life is a process, and not jumping.
  • Two: you’ll get all confused, depressed, discouraged, directionless… that is my way of dealing with a new ‘future’…

I am in the middle of one of these, so this article is very timely for me. Let’s hope I can get myself unstuck.

Some thirteen years ago I learned a valuable way of looking at making life meaningful, or living a meaningful life. The teacher suggested that we pick a horizon, a direction, and then look what’s blocking the way of getting there.

Since then I saw that even seeing the horizon is blocked… Blocked by seven boulders, lined up one behind the other, blocking your view, blocking your movement.

So, in my coaching practice, when I ask people to set a direction, and they can’t see any, I am inclined to suggest that they choose the direction: living a meaningful live, or a fulfilled life… without specifying what it is. For me, currently, is targeting a ‘crowd’ that is talented, ambitious, and yet not successful… maybe because they need coaching? hint… hint…

The goal is to see the first boulder that blocks your view, that blocks your path.
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15 Different Ways to Get Yourself in Troubled Mode

fightingPeople contact me and ask for their vibrational reading. I send it to them and they write back. Many say: their vibration should be higher… It is not clear to them what in their thinking makes their vibration so low… here are 15 reasons your vibration could be low:

15 styles of Distorted Thinking that distort your view of reality and make you miserable, low vibration, and seemingly irreparable

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