Anchor to doom, ET phone home, connecting to Source

connecting to sourceConnecting to Source, being connected to Source is what you may want but you haven’t been able to… This article explains why and how you can. It’s a process.

I didn’t plan to write about this… I didn’t plan because like so many things that have disappeared… what isn’t there is… well, what isn’t there isn’t there.

But from time to time a client, a student reminds me…

And that’s exactly what happened: a client, an all around great guy wrote:

I looked to at what i might be hanging onto without noticing..

could grief or despair have some part of it? I used to find myself listening to music about sadness and hard times and used to think about sadness a lot. I used to almost create it in relationships with anyone, family/ friends/ myself.

I connected to him, deeply, and there it was: a whole lake of sadness that he was circling…trying to avoid being sucked into. It felt like the pit of despair, it felt like a black hole. Continue reading “Anchor to doom, ET phone home, connecting to Source”