Updated: Higher Vibration and The Illusion of Dark Side

dark side illusion Questions about dark side and dark energies are coming up a lot nowadays.

My approach to dark side


… is Kabbalistic because Kabbalah’s approach to this issue is more useful for someone who wants to understand the issue or Dark Side.

You see, “where attention goes energy flows.” And that attention actually creates or strengthens that which it energizes, even if it wasn’t there before. Especially when you say you don’t want it. Resistance to something is like pouring oil on the fire… makes it bigger. Like “I have no time”, like : I am confused,” like “nobody likes me.” creates exactly what it complains about. Or “I am NOT stupid” or “I don’t want to feel this” or telling fear to go away, and the thousand and one way you can resist something. Even ignoring something is resistance to it.

In a recent Landmark Education seminar I learned that the poison that human beings swallowed wholly and greedily is “there is something wrong here,” the foundation of human misery, the dark side: Right and Wrong… behaving as if there were a right way and this isn’t it.

It seems that you never stop for a second to ask the questions that could create choice:

Possible question to create choice #1:
You ask: Hm, Something wrong here? Says who? Then answer: _I_ say so (the same person who asked the question). Next: ask: who assigned me to be the judge? Do I know how it is supposed to be? Do I see the whole picture? — And if you are anyone other than God, the answer is that you can’t see the whole picture, and therefore you don’t know if it is really wrong what’s happening… so you can see that you can’t tell wrong from right… Not knowing is a much higher state than being sure.

Possible question #2: Who or what wins if I choose to say “there is something wrong here.”
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The path to become a Human Being – Part 2:

If you haven’t, please read Part 1 of this article first. It will make more sense… it will set the context.

The missing godliness are called virtues.

Living virtuously is a daily struggle, a daily battle. No one, no matter how high their vibration, is ever done. Not a Buddha, not a Jesus, not anyone.

The two problems I see in this “business” of raising your vibration:

  1. You want happiness, joy, fulfillment, the exact way you want pleasure: food, sex, the breeze on your face. You don’t want to earn it, you just want to get it. You may want to buy it, but happiness, joy, fulfillment is not something you can buy. But there are plenty of gurus, doctors, healers, teachers, that will accommodate your slothful desire:
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Guru learning from another guru: guru teaching another guru: is it possible?

Guru learning from another guru: guru teaching another guru: is it possible?

One of my students is a relationship guru.

I am not an expert at relationship. I don’t like them, I don’t want them. I consider them an inconvenience, a prison. An imposition.

Regardless, my students have the most breakthroughs in their relationships: weird.

It doesn’t make me proud. I actually feel ashamed. As if I wanted to create a good method to feed humanity and accidentally I created a method to create gold from sand… who cares. Humanity won’t be fed by gold.

So what is it that I really want to teach my people? I want them to immerse themselves into the relationship they have with themselves and into the relationship they have with reality.

The relationship with other people is a societal construct: keeps you on the surface, engaged with what’s not important, keeping you from your depths. Society loves puppets on a string: they are easy to manipulate.

Imagine teaching a relationship guru about relationships…

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Scams, conspiracies: how your mind makes you dumb, naive, stupid, and a victim

Scams, conspiracies: how your mind makes you dumb, naive, stupid, and a victim

Ever since I was a little girl, I could be sent into a deep depression with any story about scams, conspiracies.

The idea that I was duped, or could be duped, that we are walking on a minefield only safe for a moment and can be blown up any moment sent me hurling into depression.

I know that my wording is dramatic: I can be very dramatic about certain topics, to my own detriment.

Where is this from, this sudden “interest” in this topic again?

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Updated: Soul Correction #28: Soul Mate


soul mates soaring together in a synergistic fashionSoul Correction #28: SOUL MATE

Update: Having worked with two more soul mate people, I am seeing something additional: you cannot find your soul mate if you have a preconceived notion of what that looks like.

But if this is your soulcorrection, then no one is good enough for you, because you have an expectation, an agenda, and everyone will fall short. Even you will fall short of your expectations of how YOU should be.

Your job is to start to get real, start to stop interacting with shoulds and such…

Ultimately you are setting people up to fail… and it is unconscious.

There is more… but I cannot access it right now… I’ll add to this when I can verbalize it.

Looking for the perfect date, the ideal mate, true friends, loyal associates, or the right business partner?

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