What is wrong with the human race? How come it is…

Part of my job as a ‘evolver’ (evolver as in causing the evolution) of the human race is to see what is the wrong.

To see what is unsustainable, untenable about human attitude and behavior. Why is it that humanity, time and time again destroys itself starting over from nothing.

I am starting to see that it is the possession and power over things and others… the hunger and the desire for more and more, better, and different. Continue reading “What is wrong with the human race? How come it is…”

Do you really want to get more out of life? We shall see…

One of the clues I have for proof that I am taking the idea of soul correction seriously

My soul correction is “Forget Thyself”… meaning: I believe that I am the alpha and the omega, and that anything and everything other people say has to be filtered through MY genius, my experience, or it is not to be taken seriously.

My soul correction that makes me a very slow learner…

I don’t even have questions when I read something, when I hear something. I am not one of the people who have a question of the speaker at the end of a talk. I first let it all in, no resistance, and let the brain work out whatever the brain wants to work out, and let the brain bring out the questions if there are any, or let the brain quietly discard what I heard/read without even consulting with me, the conscious me…

It takes quiet and it takes time. Continue reading “Do you really want to get more out of life? We shall see…”

The puzzle of human evolution, how are we doing?

Almost any puzzle worth its name has a “catch”… that doesn’t look anything worth exploring.

It looks innocuous, unimportant, just like anything and everything else.

Whether it is physical puzzle or a mental puzzle, it has one catch…

In my growth I have faced and solved many puzzles. Continue reading “The puzzle of human evolution, how are we doing?”

Where did evolution take a wrong turn? fixable?

Lots of questions are coming up… Is it possible to be happy, to have ikigai, purpose, and joy if you live in your imagination?

What is the main difference between animals and homo sapiens?

The only differences I can see are

1. homo sapiens (modern humans) live in the mind… thinking it’s reality
2. homo sapiens have conscience
3. homo sapiens live like anything different from what they want is wrong.
4. homo sapiens have usury relationships, win-lose, zero sum. Continue reading “Where did evolution take a wrong turn? fixable?”