Is ego physical? Energetic? Spiritual? Woowoo? WTF is ego?

egoI spent the last two hours working on the page that explains what the starting point measurement numbers mean about you.

And, almost predictably, today’s Monday Morning Memo by Roy H. Williams addresses some of those. No coincidences in the world… if you have a wide enough cone of vision you’ll know that.

Yesterday, Sunday I spent 90 minutes on my Sunday call with Mike, a dude who is about as different from me as a person can get, politically, spiritually, intellectually, in every way.

It got really bad during the Trump administration… and hadn’t I managed to change myself, it would be really bad now.

I am neither liberal nor conservative. I care about everyone… but I am not into giving favors to anyone. Neither the needy nor the greedy. About 10% of the USA population is like me… Caught in the middle. Continue reading “Is ego physical? Energetic? Spiritual? Woowoo? WTF is ego?”

The Pendulum: Descent to the age of madness

What is madness? There are probably more medically approved ways to say what I am going to say, but madness is simply when you interact with figments of your imagination considering it real or reality.

And it seems that it has taken over 70% of humanity… including my revered teacher whose teaching has caused me to finally make a living instead of getting by.

But he is a goner… in la-la land, his once 200 vibration is now dropped to 70. He rants and raves… and looks at anyone who thinks differently as mad themselves.

I was on two calls with him yesterday, group call. My stomach is still unhappy just remembering the experience. Sea-sickness… you get when the world you knew… land… starts shaking.

I haven’t checked the results of the election, but I don’t think I have to. 70% of humanity and 50% of Americans joined the asylum…

But until this morning it didn’t compute. Why? What is going on? Continue reading “The Pendulum: Descent to the age of madness”