Seeing Wide and Far plus seeing Reality is the key to the Kingdom

This are the rarest human qualities, rarest capacities of all. They require high level of consciousness… that is why.

Of course no one is high consciousness or low consciousness… we are all on a scale of consciousness.

For example I discovered, doing the experiment with the candy yesterday, through glimpses of my behavior and thoughts, that side by side the high vibration, high consciousness person there are remnants of callousness (showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others, cold hearted, unfeeling) that I wasn’t aware of. It includes me, it includes my health, it includes everyone.

I woke up at 3 am from a nightmare… a tiger was licking my dog (I don’t actually have a dog, I have never had one) before it would eat it, and it was all my fault… I was scrambling for some weapon, until I stumbled onto a rake, and stabbed the tiger with it and it let go of the poor dog. Continue reading “Seeing Wide and Far plus seeing Reality is the key to the Kingdom”

Get rid of the memes… all of them are lies… Boys and girls, memes…

One of the most important principles in the 67 steps program is to get rid of a “truth” as often as you can.

No one hears it. No one does it. Why?

The mind says: why should I get rid of a piece of useful knowledge.

But here is the problem with “knowledge”… most knowledge you have is fabricated, with rendering you an effect… instead of cause. Rendering you unthinking… instead of making your own observations, testing, and real truth.

I question everything. And little by little, I get rid of stuff that has been declared true for centuries, often thousands of years. Continue reading “Get rid of the memes… all of them are lies… Boys and girls, memes…”

Have a mind like a sieve?

It takes more than just insights, or reading, or listening to audios to become a fully equipped person who can live the good life. But what is the fundamental missing piece that so darn few ever benefit from in ANY of the activities they undertake?

With life spent in cars and buildings, our eyes stopped looking and assessing our environments. And with smart phones and computers, our eyes became like stationary search beams, not seeing anything outside of the beam…

But more importantly: out of sight – out of mind: the brain does not connect what you see with anything… nothing is ever written on your brain’s hard drive… only into its RAM… and once you look away, it all disappears…

Continue reading “Have a mind like a sieve?”