Is science wrong? Are you smarter than scientists? Who should you trust?

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It is not enough to call yourself a mad scientist, I learn. You may be mad, but unless you know the scientific methods, you are just mad, playing around.

Science has a bad reputation nowadays, mainly because of two reasons:

  • 1. the public doesn’t know that science is rarely able to get to the cause of anything, so the expectations are too high, the disappointments are too low. it is more comfortable to listen to fake science, fake doctors, fake gurus. At least they don’t make you think.
  • 2. the fact that scientists are not independent of biases, self-interest, and such, renders their results highly dubious, questionable, etc. And in some crucial issues, this threatens the general public, like in the issue of A1 milk, the issue of GMO, the issues of pesticides and other harmful stuff we are forced to eat.

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Case study: how to have spiritual growth with practical results

slow-progressI am completing the third cycle of the 67 steps.

It’s taken me seven months and 10 days…

Lots have changed since I started.

I have, so far, dropped 23 pounds, about 10 kg. My bone structure is starting to show… starting. I didn’t diet, but I completely overhauled my diet, removed everything that doesn’t agree with my body, and added all the nutrients that are essential. I feel good, I have no cravings, and it is very sustainable… I can live like this till the day I die.

I have gone from completely sedentary, because of pain, to sprightly, as some people called me yesterday. I now only have pain when walking.

I am in better mood than ever, I laugh easily, and feel good about my life, about life itself, about being alive. Big change. Continue reading “Case study: how to have spiritual growth with practical results”

Limiting beliefs… what should you do about them?

you don't have to be great to start but you have to start to become greatLimiting beliefs… can you zap them like Christie Marie Sheldon pretends to do? Does listening to some guru, watching some Mind Valley video help you chuck them, change them, or eliminate them?

The answer is no. You can’t eliminate limiting beliefs, and they can’t eliminate limiting beliefs either.

Limiting beliefs will not go anywhere. You have to find another way to win: stop listening to them.

I have limiting beliefs, but you would not know from my actions. I don’t consider my mind chatter significant. I only listen to advisors that I hired… I never hired my mind chatter. Continue reading “Limiting beliefs… what should you do about them?”

Updated: Why are there so many fake gurus?

michael jordan taught with his behavior and his attitude. how many listened? not manyI had an interesting insight today.

Recently a man from Switzerland came to the site, bought some of my energy audios, and even came to a call. Although his vibration was very low, he had interesting ideas, and I was excited to work with him.

Today he wrote me  a “Dear John” email, saying

Sophie, …you probably wondered why I did not attend the seminar yesterday.

when trying to connect, my computer refused the connection. this expresses a change of mind I felt yesterday.

I knew, that this path is not for me. therefore I will sign off , thank you for accepting.

I also thank you for a life-changing week and wish you the very best

I felt grief, pain, sadness, and allowed it to just be there… I felt that this incident is going to take me to a place I hadn’t seen before.

And it did… here is what I saw:

Download the pdf version of this article to your computer… Link at the end of the article

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The path to anything you want leads through 90% blockage elimination and 10% addition

If you are able to catch the point, have the power of distilling essence… aka called distinguishing, you have seen in all my work, and all of Tai Lopez’s 69 steps, that every single session, every single article, every single video is about stuff you do, be, see, believe, think, feel, that keep you stuck.

So, in essence, all spiritual work, and all transformational work is getting you unstuck.

And all fake programs, all fake gurus are about getting you stuck… filling your head with useless crap.

One of my students sent me a laundry (long) list of what she should do…

It was her 67-steps answers… answer to one of the steps… I don’t know what number.

It is not possible to do 100 things, especially in the thick of life. When you are in a hurry, upset, troubled, etc.

But it is possible to remember one or maybe two things you shouldn’t do in that same situation. Continue reading “The path to anything you want leads through 90% blockage elimination and 10% addition”

Are you pushing the door that says: pull?

this-is-how-you-waste-your-lifeFinally I managed to tame this new computer 80%. It is one of the things I don’t like to do… I’d rather just coach, or write articles, read, watch Netflix… but I have the capacity of the Sight, I have the capacity to be the cause… so I did what I needed to do.

It seems that I am quite alone with this, at least among us… But why?

Then it hit me: All the movies I watch, happiness, joy are sporadic. And grunting, grim faces, are all over.

And yet, if you look inside, you think that you can be the exception, and you can have a life all about sunshine, all about smiling, all about joy. That is the fallacy, generously spread by the Dark Side, by positive thinkers, by gurus. 1

I wonder what drug you are on… because, if you look around, other than on Facebook and other medium for pretense, life is not an event full of smiles, and laughter.

Life is 99% struggle, and 1% of that smiley laughter filled joy.
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Updated: How to go from lazy, procrastinating never do well to someone who gets things done? This also applies to raising your vibration…

I found this article today… I wrote it 18 months ago.

Of course at the time I had no idea that there are spiritual capacities, that they are encoded in the DNA, that they can be turned on, that I can turn them on… none of that.

So the article is a little outdated, and yet… many of the principles apply, they are timeless. Good reading.

One of the typical mistakes I see comes from the “culture” of instant, quick, magic buttons, magic bullets.

The idea that if you can imagine it you can do it.

It’s not true, or it is not that simple.

We all understand that things take time to get up to speed, your car, an airplane, your computer, but we don’t think that the same rule applies to us. We actually really think, really hope, that someone can touch us, a holy man or woman, and we will be healed, and throw away our cane, walker, and run away dancing, laughing, victorious.

This is what the fake gurus (i.e. the associates of the Dark Side) want us to believe.

But why are they selling us a bill of goods if it is not true? The answer is simple: because what they sell matches your desire, that’s why you will buy it.
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Modern gurus: The business of consolation, the business of confirmation

neelam-indiaI had a “guru” ask for his vibration today. Nice guy. Low vibration.

Another guru, 1 some 6 years ago told him that there was no need to seek, he could start his own guru business…

Horrible disservice.
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Psychic and Spiritual Exploitation by Fake Gurus

This is a tremendous Osho talk… timeless, and distinguishes what gets you hooked on false gurus, what they use to hook you… Pay attention: it is not easy to get that you are the cause, they are just opportunistic: you give them the opportunity to exploit you.

Once you become clear, once you move your whole self into your Witness position, you’ll be invulnerable, because you’ll have the clarity, and you’ll have accepted “the work” you need to do.

If you don’t have a ton of questions after reading this article, you are beyond hope… so please go someplace where you can be exploited: that is what you are looking for. Harsh? Yeah.

One more thing: I never talk about shaktipat because I have never experienced it. I never talk about shaktipat because I have never known a person who actually received energy, I have only talked to guys that have a vivid imagination and a shitty life…

Osho on Psychic & Spiritual Exploitation by Fake Gurus

Question – Is Psychic Exploitation possible in the name of Shaktipat? How is it possible And how is the Meditator to guard against it?

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Do you think spirituality, healing, diet, transformation are one size fit most?

toe_shapesOne size fits most?

If you think that one diet, one pill, one activator will work for all… then you are as stupid as the medical establishment, and you are as stupid as the marketeers hope that you are.

As simple as that…

In fact, this stupidity is the reason that I can review hundreds of “practitioners” and not find a genuine article… The genuine articles, the people with real talent, real ability, are lost in the shuffle, have given up, can’t make a living, and can’t make a difference. The field is given over to marketeers that are only interested in numbers and in money. And your stupidity caused it… 🙁

If you ever ask the question why I insult you in most every article, I have a reason. If you are a consolation seeker, a positive thinker, an “avoid negativity” junkie, then I want to offend you, and I want you to leave. Why? Because you are hopeless. Continue reading “Do you think spirituality, healing, diet, transformation are one size fit most?”