Falling in step, intelligence, tough choices

hardest-decisionsFalling in step

I just finished a Talk-to-me call. It’s a call available for people on my mailing list, where they can ask any questions and get answers, coaching, whatever they need. The call was a breakthrough  for me, in a lot of ways.

First off, I distinguished for myself, for the second time, that unless I fall in step with the person I coach, they can’t get what I am saying as contribution and cannot act on it.

Falling in step with music is obviously fun. Falling in step with a drum circle is fun. But falling in step with another person is a challenge. But unless you do, discord is the result.

So what does it take to fall in step with another person in a conversation? Whether it is a co-worker, a parent, a child, a spouse, a friend, if you learn to fall in step with them, you’ll experience influence, intimacy, closeness… all the things that are missing in most relationships.
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