When you are a mad scientist then the world is your laboratory…

I am sparkling today with insights.

Yesterday, just before the skies closed on the Days of Power energy, my friend reminded me to refill my cup again. And I did… and today my world is showering me with insights.

About your expectation and reality… The gap… the discrepancy… and how you don’t learn from it.

How do I know? I grew up immersed in the same culture as you… so my starting point was pretty much the same as yours.

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The fraud of promising to change your beliefs

Do you think that the words spoken in your head are your beliefs?

What words? you say.

That “what words?” was two of them. The words are spoken in your head.

There is a whole lot of talking that seems to be going on in your head, and if you think it is you, then they accomplished what they intended: you become a puppet on word-strings.

There is no such thing as a belief, and those words are NOT belief.

Don’t believe me? Just add words consciously, and see how much difference they make… None, that’s how much. Continue reading “The fraud of promising to change your beliefs”

How Many Different Ways Does Your Mind Keep You From Hearing What’s Being Said?

How Many Different Ways Do You Know Your Mind Keep You Trapped In A Dead End Loop Of Activity?

I’ve told you about me, finally, awakening that there is a mosquito invasion in every window of my duplex.

So I’ve researched for ways to get rid of the mosquitoes that doesn’t involve chemicals, doesn’t involve flame throwers, and expensive carbon monoxide machines.

One recipe called for brown sugar. I have never bought brown sugar, and I didn’t feel good buying a pound of brown sugar for the mosquitoes… but I remembered that I had some black-strap molasses in my kitchen cabinets. After all brown sugar is not perfectly cleaned sugar… mostly they just mix the white sugar with some molasses… I can do that.

The mosquitoes love the molasses. They buzz above them, and then they go too close and the sticky gooey molasses trap them. They move around but can’t get out.

This reminds me that we could talk about the morass: the mind’s way to keep you trapped in useless servitude so you can’t move forward.

Sound useful? Then let’s get to it.

Ways the morass traps you

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If you can’t move from A to B… The Too Direct Approach To Anything

hammer_break1I just finished watching a long (2 and a half hour long!) webinar, and one of the phrases that I want to borrow from there, is this: it’s not you, it’s your approach that makes you get less out of life than you could.

One of these approaches I see often that rob you of success is:

The Too Direct Approach To Things

One of the mistakes, one of the false beliefs, one of the erroneous ideas your paradigm gives you is to attempt to get from point A to point B through the straight, direct route.

But… No Problem Can Be Solved From The Same Level Of Consciousness That Created It 1

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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blurry vision can be adjusted with a filterWhere does the truth I write come from? Stream of consciousness.

I write the largest chunks of surprising truths that way. Something triggers it, and there it comes… Quick, to the computer!

I read Kathryn’s comment on the Worry article, and something clicked.

Everyone says: you need to remove your filters. You need to remove blockages. Bad beliefs, about yourself and the world. It’s not working. Not for anyone… ok, maybe a few.

What if the reason no one is succeeding with those “techniques” is because that is not the right method to do it?
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Why and how the hit-bottom method works? And how you can alter the future with it…

hitting-bottomWhy and how the hit-bottom method works?

It is easy to see in reality how the hit-bottom method works: when you hit bottom, you stop and look. You look long enough to make an intelligent decision about the next step to take. You take yourself out of reaction mode and put all your attention on the now moment, completely get the situation, and then act, also from intelligence.

If you recall, I learned this from experiencing it some 50 years ago when a lightening hit the water next to my kayak and pulled both my kayak and myself deep into its vortex.

The kayak promptly broke because it resisted. I, on the other hand, allowed the water to take me down without resistance. When I hit bottom, some 8 meters later, I allowed my knees to collapse, I soberly and consciously looked, I identified the center of the vortex, I deliberately kicked myself away from it, and survived to tell the story.

The same method, hitting bottom, is applicable in business, and every other place in life, also in relationships, choosing life direction, etc.

Hitting bottom is a mindset. I could have died in that incident hadn’t I had the hitting bottom mindset. The air in my lungs would not have been enough for “trying” to get away, “trying” to get afloat… I would have surely drowned.

I have been teaching this, but people don’t get to experience the power of this method. First they don’t get the mindset, second their ego doesn’t allow them to practice the mindset, third they are not able to pull all their awareness into the present moment.

This has been one of the most puzzling things for me all these years, until yesterday.

You see, until yesterday I didn’t realize that there are three components that all need to be present for someone to be able to pull this off.
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Do affirmations work?

Why do I keep saying that affirmations don’t work?

And how about afformations? And how about subliminal suggestions, etc. etc. etc.

If affirmations worked, I would be long a millionaire. And many of the people I know, that are still struggling.

This is what I know about the development of false beliefs… and if my theory is correct, my theory proves my point.

I want to say though, before I start explaining my theory, that I have found a methodology that in the hand of the right practitioner can do miracles.

It is called Theta Healing, and it can eliminate a false belief in about 30 seconds, from the time of pinpointing it. This is what I am using now, both for myself and for my clients. Continue reading “Do affirmations work?”