Scientists are trying to keep you on the 15th floor

Once you distinguish something, you start seeing it everywhere… not only where you expect it, but really everywhere. This is done by something called the reticular activator or reticular activating system.

I teach distinctions, distinguishing, and my students are reluctant to learn and start seeing… Until you see it everywhere, everything is still about you… and no transformation can take place.

The new distinction I have learned from a set of books by Hungarian engineer, Gyozo Margóczi, is that all emotions are created by words, even though feelings are not… Feelings are a little pressure here, tightness there… no meaning. There is a feeling and then you add a word, and you get emotion. Depending on the word you add, the emotion changes.

Here is the map-of-feelings-translated-to-emotions2020 with the corresponding feelings… Continue reading “Scientists are trying to keep you on the 15th floor”