Fighting your demons, over and over, expecting to win one day

You and I spend most of our lives trying to fix something that never happened. Not only that it wasn’t wrong… but it never actually happened. Something that was never factually true. Even though you keep telling the story as if it were true. And you don’t know that you are lying.

Some people call these demons… even though there are no demons… but nevertheless, using the expression: fighting your demons is very accurate, if you don’t believe that demons are entities. There are no entities in the visible or invisible Universe.

And yet we are fighting… I call it an itch… a compulsion… something that makes you weird.

The ITCH that tells you that unless you get what you say you didn’t get in that story, at whatever price, even extorting it, you cannot be OK. Continue reading “Fighting your demons, over and over, expecting to win one day”