How to make coherent water in four simple steps?

Preamble: When your cells have no energy… your body is weak, or gets sick, or dies.

Aging is largely a symptom of your cells drying out. Why? Because the water you drink cannot, will not get into the cells beyond what the cells allow it to… And in essence, the cell only allows coherent water into it.

Coherent water comes from live cells from another live thing… or you need to make it. Most of us don’t eat enough live things to provide enough coherent water for our cells.

Want your drinking water to raise your cell hydration, rejuvenate you and heal you? Here is how to make it.

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Focus on the things you can control… but what can you?

things you can controlYou can only control what belongs to you… Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions don’t belong to you. Your actions, your attitude, what you actually heed, what you say… they do belong to you.

They are interestingly difficult to see… they are hidden from your view, overcrowded by noise.

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