Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Don’t be hasty answering…

we-have-met-the-enemyYesterday and especially today I had plenty of reasons to not want to face what there was to face: that we are the problem. 1 Especially if and when we think it’s others.

I haven’t done MY soul searching, but I will, I promise.

For now, just to document it, I’d like to address what I have seen.

One client paid me to remove her children’s attachments.

I am still working on the second child, and this is what I have seen:

If you live inside a strong judgmental world of your own, where everyone, maybe including yourself, is wrong, then you are the Dark Side in your and your children’s life.
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The methodology of making the invisible visible

All mischief and all power comes from the invisible. Invisible to you, and maybe invisible to society.

It’s not hidden. It is just not obvious to the untrained eyes. What your eyes need is training and guidance.

My methodology, observing life through many distinctions, is a winning one.

It drives up, and makes visible what has thus far been invisible.

Racket, frame, memes, voices, states… the distinctions are all opportunities to see another aspect of the invisible, and gain control over yourself, so you can start moving in the direction of the good life, whatever good life is for you.

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Will you evolve? Is it in the cards for you?

This article is about personal evolution… going from where, how, who you are today to a higher level, a higher organization where you can be, have, do more. 1

It’s November 10, and the ground is covered with snow where I live. My hands are cold, I am contemplating putting on my typing gloves: gloves that the tip of the finger is cut off so I can type.

I started to keep my house cold in the winter a few years ago, but went all hogs with it last winter: my thermostat is set to 47 degrees (9 degrees Celsius) day and night, and I have a heating pad under my desk and a heating pad on the wall about two meters from my right shoulder on the wall in my office. I also have a heating pad in the bathroom that I turn on when I plan to take a shower.

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The word of Good and Evil, and other memes. How the wrong yearns to be fixed…

I field a lot of emails in a day. And some of those emails are goldmines, because they reveal the wrong ideas that people entertain, the wrong premises on which they build their actions.

In this article I will go deep, root level, and I will also go higher… because wrong premises can infect you on all levels.

Here is the latest:

Q: Can I listen to the Energizer Audio through headsets for 10 minutes a day to raise my cell hydration?

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Updated: Soul Correction: Finish What You Start

Soul Correction: Finish What You Start

More on this soul correction here

Update on 2/4/2020

The essence of this soul correction is this: you see what the completed task/project is… but you don’t do what you need to do to actually do what it takes.

You stop.

90% of the cases communication is missing. You are really good at talking, really lousy at communicating. Why? Because communication is risky. You need to be seen, and you try not to be seen.

What are you hiding? Something that to you seems hideous…

Unless you change your mind about what you think is bad, wrong, not OK about you, you will be stuck in not doing what it takes to have a life work, to have projects taken to fulfillment, to take care of yourself and your family.

It’s really simple…

New insight 3/29/2018

OK, the insight is similar to what I saw last time, but it’s, maybe a little more defined. Finish What You Start hasn’t had the courage to become a person. He looks outside to see if he is doing OK… needs approval.

At the merest suspicion that he should do something different, he is going to jump… and exhaust himself or herself. Doesn’t open up a conversation… and the people they live with learn to direct them with just a glance.

This is, by the way, the reason they don’t have fulfilled projects: they get distracted by their spouses, bosses, and don’t follow their inner calling… either don’t have the courage, or don’t have a calling…

New insight 10/7/2017

I break a lot of eggs every day. I like to eat the yolk separate from the white. So I separate them. The egg white is like snot… No definite shape, no commitment, sneaky.

This is how “Finish What You Start” behave, like the egg white… Avoid being called to account, avoid to be a person who can be counted on.

This seems to be the crux of this soul correction.

I see this soul correction on Scott toilet paper as well: it kinda sorta has a sheet size, it kinda sorta has perforation, but it won’t tear at the perforation… It tears where it wants to tear…

A “Finish What You Start” product, avoiding any accountability, whatsoever. lol… frustrating to me, who likes to have things done.

Looking at the vise… try to control egg whites with a vise… ugh, ugly.

New insight 5/20/2017 courtesy of a student:

Today some new things came to mind..
I realized that i live in a vise like pressure i put myself in.. i always do for some reason.. i’m looking at why. i feel its false adopted beliefs.

How i noticed is that thinking about all the reading and the diet the saying no to things and yes to others .. being disciplined and adding structure feels like work , like i have to make it happen.. then i remember my life before.. i was pulled in a thousand directions at once and completely running myself down on things i (wanted) to do..

So today i imagined what it would feel like if i didn’t have anything i had to do or not do.. i ended up thinking id have a nap or just go for a slow walk.. then i realized that the reading and listening and structure and the diet.. all the things i (have ) to do, will make my life so much easier and meaningful than it has been , and i started to actually feel like it is my vacation , my relief.
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How hard can it be? said Father Brown as he was grinding the car’s transmission…

Countries, people, soul corrections, have different attitudes to doing things. 1

Hungary (country), Finish What you Start (soul correction), England (country, ethnicity), especially, have an attitude of “How hard can it be?”

And they fancy themselves all-knowing, all-expert at everything.

My brother calls this the “do it yourself” culture.

And utter disrespect for people with experience, education, expertise. Or for skills, expertise, experience, and learning.

I worked as an architect in Hungary, for 11 years. Every client knew everything better. They considered me their guy who puts the stamp to their plan so they can get a building permit.

My brother was in a different profession, and his experience was the same: no humility, no sense of what it takes to actually be good at something, to see things fully. Continue reading “How hard can it be? said Father Brown as he was grinding the car’s transmission…”

Dyslexia, literacy and the President of the United States – a vibrational review

trump overextendedI have a few people in my sphere who admire Donald Trump and think him the highest IQ person nowadays.

One of my friends loves Donald Trump. He is not a smart man, and it is one of the attraction: they are similar.

I just watched a video on youtube that shows clips to illustrate the accusation that Trump can’t read well, that Trump probably has a low vocabulary.

So I am going to do a combo assessment of Donald Trump here… and then explain a few things:
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Is happiness even possible? Is self-hate, self-punishing a good path to it?

It’s Tuesday, and my Rob Brezsny horoscope arrived this morning.

It addressed something I wanted to address, because it is important: treating yourself well by providing yourself with what you need to be well, to do well, to feel well.

You treat your pets better than yourself.

If you were only judgmental and stingy with others, that would be one thing. But you are stingy with yourself.

You judge yourself harshly, you treat yourself badly, and you skimp on yourself first.

Consider yourself your own child, or your own pet? And your relationship, your treatment of it public.

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New insights on cell hydration, tiredness, your immune system, diabetes, cancer, and your life expectancy

  • If you pee often
  • If your pee is light
  • If you have to get up in the middle of the night and pee
  • that means: your cell hydration is low.
  • it may also mean: you have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Diabetics have low cell hydration. this may be the reason they don’t accept the sugar into the cell… Because sugar would break even bigger havoc in the cell… it would dry out the cell completely.
My hunch is that hydrating the diabetic’s cells can end the diabetic misery… But it needs testing. If you have diabetic friends, family members: you owe it to yourself to test the Energized water on them. Diabetes can cost tens of thousands of dollars to the person, and makes 250 billion dollars to the medical establishment… lucrative. More lucrative than recommending a $60 audio… for sure.

If you get tired in the middle of the day, or are just plain tired… that means that most likely your hydration is low.
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Without trust there cannot be humility… Without humility there is no growth

As we saw, the two capacities, humility: (saying: I don’t know), and seeing the big picture/looking at the thing inside the big picture, are the most predictive of people who can and will correct their faulty mental picture of reality.

Of these humility is primary.

Humility is what gets us out of our head, and makes us look again.

The mood of this: maybe I didn’t see it right!

We all know people who didn’t look twice, and walked into a trap, walked into disaster with their heads high, no idea that the trap is there.

And how you do anything is how you do everything. So if that is you: it is all over the place for you, in every area of your life.
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