Is it Trust or a belief? Are you trusting or believing? Can you tell?

I wrote this article six years ago… and except for “current events” it is still accurate… My webhost hasn’t kicked me out… yet… lol.

This word, trust, has been coming up  too frequently, in conversations with my students. I consider that coming up guidance, so let me start exploring trust: what it is, what it isn’t, and how to deal with lack of trust, or the different forms of distrust… and also where it comes from.

I had a great opportunity to observe myself today. My webhost shut down my site for a reason of their own. A year ago that was a daily occurrence, but this was a first since.
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The cold fireplace syndrome

fire-burningIt’s not worth it… you moan…

Is it worth it to invest your energy in something that is uncertain? It’s not worth it, or is it?… It is all about whether it is worth it for YOU or not…

If you are supposed to have it already, then working for it doesn’t look like it’s worth it.

And this is the problem, an epidemic, of today. I have students in all the time zones of the world… and they all share this problem.

Memes, thought forms, prevalent teachings suggest that…

  • 1. you are already happy, worthy, successful, precious, special, blah blah blah or should be
  • 2. that you already have everything or supposed to to be who you want to be or should
  • 3. that you should look within for all the answers
  • 4. that the Universe is friendly to you and if it isn’t then there is something wrong
  • and on and on and on, endless flow of half-truth, endless flow of deceptive “inspiring” statements and quotes and memes.

Now, depending on where you are, depending on what you have, depending on how you feel about yourself, depending on your history, on your vibration, on your clarity, you’ll hear all those memes differently.

The lower you are in your starting numbers on the essential measurements, the bigger the gap is between what you have, who you are, what you feel, and what you feel you should already be, feel and have.

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The Flow… Life… The Light… how do you block the flow?

emotional-intelligence-by-daniel-goleman-1-638Psychologist Daniel Goleman, personal vibration: 200, 10 capacities active, 7% truth value, talks about the flow as a state, when things seem to go just right, when you feel alive, and fully aware…

And they say: it alters your consciousness

What they don’t see, can’t see, that flow is the “state” when you, for some reason, stop blocking the flow… when YOU, as your identity, are not there.

What am I talking about?

Soul corrections, the names and categories I borrowed from Kabbalah, seem to be 72 ways that you can block the flow and live a life of scarcity (and lack of intelligence).

The psychologists don’t see it, but each moment that there is no flow, your stingy self is there blocking it.
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alone... as in lonely, abandoned, nobody there, nobody cares

Alone is one of the itches we identify on my Itch.

An itch is something that you want, desperately, to come to you, from the outside. But even when it does, it doesn’t do it for you, it doesn’t scratch the itch. Only you giving what you want scratches the itch.

The perfect example is the fireplace: you want heat from the fireplace. After all the fireplace is supposed to give you heat and coziness, and romance, and a sense of home.

But in real life, you need to feed the fireplace, before it will give you heat… let alone cozy and romance and a sense of home.

When you have Alone as your itch, you are always disappointed, because no matter what you do, the alone follows you, like your shadow.
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Soul Correction: Forget Thyself

Forget Thyself soul correctionUpdate 6/15/18

Given how relevant the number: how much you think of yourself, this soul correction is to take yourself out of the picture, completely. Stand outside and know that nothing is about you.

And as long as you think it is, you’ll have misery, you’ll not breathe deeply, you’ll feel hurt, or important, or whatever self-centered things you fancy yourself.

Original writeup:

The issue with the soul correction is trust. The lack of it. No trust in other people, no trust in the Universe. Closed in, relying only on one’s own experience. Nothing is accepted at face value.

This is the soul correction of the Tree of Life… the skeptic will test everything.

The problem is that one can’t experience everything in a “normal” life, and therefore most decisions come as a reaction from an ego truth… and they are wrong decisions.

There is a much bigger world with a lot bigger view than a typical Forget Thyself person can see. So a Forget Thyself is mostly a bumbling idiot, making mistake after mistake.
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Soul Correction: Stop Fatal Attraction

fireplace give me heat then I'll give you wood: fatal attraction under the hood Soul Correction: Stop Fatal Attraction

The cornerstone or linchpin of this correction is trust.

We, humans, have trust such that it has to be earned.

We use trust as a traffic signal: go, stop, or hesitate…

But the world works differently.

Here is an analogy: you are cold. You have a fireplace, you have wood, so you bundle up, sit down in front of the cold fireplace and start talking to it:
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