Why you are fat, tired, listless, dumb, moody, and lack libido (if you do)…

tired, listless, dumbUltimate healing is possible

You are tired, you are fat, you are listless and you are dumb… oh and moody, argumentative, resistant, edgy… Hard to be with… Or maybe you are meek and don’t have the courage to take care of yourself… Maybe it is not only in your head, maybe it is not only your personality… Maybe it has a lot to do with what you eat, what you drink, and this article is about that…

You have pieces of information here, pieces of information there, disconnected, most of it is untrue. In fact, the average truth value of information on the planet is 1%

The market is flooded with information and products that claim that all your misery is caused by a single cause… It’s bacteria! It’s viruses! You simply lack of enzymes! You are not breathing enough! You lack minerals, here is Youngevity! You’ll get well! You lack essential fatty acids, here, take this! You need to move! Start exercising! You are too acidic, you need to drink alkaline water! You lack of this, you lack of that. And, of course, those products will fix that one single cause… or not even that.

These bombastic claims hit a nerve in you, and you buy what they are selling. Then, for a month (or so) you’ll feel better… only to go back to feeling weak and sick, and sore, and sluggish, and depressed… etc. again.

Then comes along another product and you try that… another good month… and then come a slew of other products… but nothing really ever changes. You are tired, sluggish, fat, dumb… however you were before you started.

How do I know? I used to do that myself.
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Happiness is wanting what you have

happiness-challengeIn my efforts of activating DNA capacities, I have seen that I cannot get away from teaching you stuff: having a lot of wrong beliefs will prevent you from holding onto the new capacities long enough to benefit from them.

This is one of the things I haven’t seen anyone teach… So here you go.

I have taught it on live webinars but this is the first time I am attempting to do it in writing: it may not go well… Let’s see…

Many people are in search of truth. Many are activists. Many are into self-improvement.

What is in common with all of us, humans, living in society, is that everything we do is to fill in a void, to fix what’s wrong, and get away from what’s bad.

Prescription for unhappiness: deny, resist what is, and strive to get to something that isn’t.

This is rich, so please don’t nod: it will be a pretense if you do. There is no way you actually got what I said… no way.
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The month when abundance is on your mind

wealth-and-abundanceIt must be January, because my Effortless Abundance bundle is selling a lot. And Unlimited Abundance, astutely, is launching this month…

January, everyone looking at their current situation and starting to organize themselves to improve what they have.
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What is the opposite of reaction; is it response?

This is a republished article from June 26, 2013… So please don’t get alarmed… this didn’t just happen. It happened long time ago. But the message is as timely as ever…

What is the opposite of reaction; is it response? Is it pro-active? Prepare to be surprised…

Gurus and even psychologists give lip service to not being reactive.

They say it’s the ego’s way to take over your life. They suggest that you respond. They don’t know what they are talking about, and you, the client, suffer as a result.
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Are you a fixer? Trying to fix what’s wrong?

boat-groundedWrong doing, wrong making, wrong place, wrong, wrong, wrong, and how can you raise yourself above it all…

  • Making yourself wrong leads to giving up on yourself
  • Making others wrong leads to hating yourself
  • Making life wrong leads to anger and misery

Imagine being in a boat, attempting to cross the Atlantic, or just out on a joy ride.

Now, imagine that suddenly your boat get grounded and you are stuck.

Your “natural” or “default” action at this point is the feel bad, make yourself wrong, make the map maker, your luck, god wrong for your misfortune.
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For You Everything Is The Same As Everything Else, Except That Not Always. What is a paradigm?

paradigm shift For You Everything Is The Same As Everything Else, Except That Not Always

The statement in the title used to be the koan 1 trainers used to scream, whisper, yell, raucously laugh saying… in the Forum, which eventually became the Landmark Forum. 2

Of course it didn’t make any sense, because it doesn’t, no, not really. The moment it makes sense it is a lie. This is the case with every insight: the moment the mind gets hold of it, it turns it into a rule, incorporates into its fix-it paradigm, and there goes the magic of it.

With that said, let me share something that shook me to the core today (I get shaken by insights, that’s how MY machine works… lol)

Whether you know it or not, I have been offering, free, three weekly sessions of a training called “Drill calls.”

Originally these were the “let me check your connection to Source” calls, but I found out that connecting to Source has almost no value unless it comes from a healthy place.

There was no person on those calls that came from a healthy place.

All came from the mind, the let’s fix what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with them, what’s wrong with the world paradigm. 3
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