How can you tell if someone is high vibration or just pontificating?

coherence, high vibrationAs I was looking for a picture for this post, I realized that vibration, raising your vibration, as a topic, probably has more bullshit out there than even food…

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Is the fixed mindset a sign of courage deficiency? Can you turn on courage?

If you can’t measure it it doesn’t exist.

The world’s population is divided. A small part tries to get results through effort, and the large part is trying to sail on their innate abilities alone.

People in both parts have an ego. Ego is normal.

Ego can push you forward, or ego can hold you back.

This is exactly how it works in the two parts of the population.

  1. The people who want to live through effort, learning, challenges use their ego to push them forward.
  2. The other part… hell, they use their ego to get offended from criticism, to hide from challenges, and to make sure they maintain their self-image… whatever it may be.

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You see only what the mind allows you to see

Your mind, your IT, your "I" in the fixed mindset won’t allow you to see what is not favorable to your self-image. This results in you living the life of an underachiever, without any sense of self, without any sense of adventure, Without any sense of being alive. you are thing in the world of things… pushed around. Coaching can unstuck you…

perspective-3This is a four years old article. I am rewriting it to include fixed mindset, the distinction from Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset.

When the mind takes over your perception you see what your mind wants to see.

We have all experienced how the mind tricks us into believing that something other than what’s happening is happening.

When you are dizzy, sea-sick or drunk: the room seems to be spinning. When someone tells you skinny is good, you start liking skinny. When someone tells you you are ugly, you start seeing ugly.

Here are some examples:

1. You are not allowed to see what your mind doesn’t allow you to see…

…this is why Japanese soldiers could not see, till the end, that they were beaten.

drowned-japanese-soldiersMore than that: Japanese soldiers enlisted into the Japanese navy, but never considered that they should learn to swim: the option that their vessel would sink never occurred to them: after all their emperor was invincible. They would not even make any moves to get a life preserver when they were under attack: their mind told them that nothing can, nothing could happen to them… and they died by drowning… victims of the mind hiding reality from them.

You are that Japanese soldier, you just don’t know it.
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