Happiness or misery… the invisible dynamic

Tikkun is a Hebrew word, means correction.

I am yet to hear a Westerner, or an Easterner use the word: correction. The world, nowadays, is into "fixing".

Fixing is an ugly world, immediately signaling what the speaker sees, that there is something wrong and it urgently needs to be fixed, because it is wrong that it is. Reactive.

But when emotions run high, the cone of vision narrows, your intelligence plummets, and stupid as the stupid does, your fixing creates new problems, that are the next thing to fix.

Compare that with the approach of correction... course correction... returning to the path of true north. Continue reading "Happiness or misery… the invisible dynamic"

When you are fixing something, the solution becomes the next, bigger problem

Human history has gone from problems to bigger problems throughout most of its 200 thousand years.

What is fixing?

Fixing needs something to be wrong. Wrong is a systemic judgment, cultural and personal. It is never true in reality... one could say: there is never anything wrong in reality.

Dying is not wrong, dying is dying. Being sick is not wrong, it is being sick. Being slow, ugly, lazy is not wrong, it is just being slow, ugly, or lazy.

This means that any and all fixing is working on something that doesn't need fixing... so the fixing adds a new wrinkle to things that isn't supposed to be there... the new wrinkle is not natural. It takes you further away from your natural state: joy, productivity, intelligence, wellness. Continue reading "When you are fixing something, the solution becomes the next, bigger problem"