Here is another spiritual law, the Law of Flexibility

This is from the book “The Life you were born to live” a book you can get for next to nothing…

As much as I struggle with reading so much English, perfect sentences, I recognize that I am probably the minority and people like reading stuff like that. I teach this law, I don’t call it law, and it is about five sentences when I teach it.

So maybe using other people’s words will make me a more effective teacher, and will be able to get through to you.

This law, the law of flexibility, is a combination of several distinctions:

  1. you only have power when you are present.
  2. you cannot be present if and when you resist anything
  3. you can embrace that which wants to enslave you, and when you actually embrace it, you have all the power to take it anywhere (you can see it in marshal arts, or any fighting… by the way)
  4. context is decisive. Create an empowering context and life will flow without any resistance.
  5. happiness is accepting what is.

So, here you had my five sentences, and here are the many sentences of Dan Millman in the book “The life you were born to live”. Now you see why I don’t publish books… most books waste people’s life.

The Law of Flexibility

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Self-Control, Flexibility and emotional intelligence

 Our current world-view is as if we are backseat drivers, at best driving next to the driver.

All we can do is

  • observe
  • react
  • hope
  • suggest
  • protest
  • resist

but ultimately we feel we have nothing to say in the matter of where this life is going. That is our current view of the world.

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