The Tiny Steps Approach To Life, aka trimtabbing or Kaizen

Warning: the biggest learning is in the PS!

I could make enemies with this article. But don’t worry: I won’t, unless by accident.

The success or business gurus, whose business will suffer if you follow this path, aren’t in the habit of checking what people say about the stuff they teach. They are so sure they got you, hook, line and sinker, that they will never suspect that they lost you to some other theory of success.

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What’s the Truth about You? Do you have the Skill to raise your vibration?

concentrate the sun's rays and make a fire What’s the Truth about You? What is the most important faculty in raising in your vibration?

I am bringing this post forward given that I have a workshop coming up teaching about the same topic…

  • Is it how good a person you are? No.
  • Is it how many times you come to a call? No.

I hate to be the one telling you this… but what decides your vibration is how well you control your attention.

What operates your attention is either you or everything else.

You are either inner powered, or outer powered, powered by your emotions, powered by your feelings, by circumstance, by the voices, by the memes, by your schedule, by your phone, by social media.

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Pleasure seeking, avoiding pain behavior…

white-tigerThere are two kinds of pleasure.

  1. Pleasure that is immediate, impulsive, and requires no or little sustained effort and
  2. Pleasure that is the result of work… sustained effort.

No matter what pleasure you seek, what makes it pleasure is the contrast:

there needs to be pain for pleasure to exist. 1

Although I could write about pleasure that you earn through hard and sustained work, and I have written hundreds of articles about it, people with too small capacity for pain (TLB) rarely turn around and become people who want to earn their pleasure.

illo-brainSo in this article I’ll address the pleasure seeking behavior of people, you? whose pain threshold is very low.

Pain is a discomfort. Most pain is emotional or intellectual, only some are physical.
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Meaning – what others teach

Why am I Here? What is the meaning of life? What should I do with my life? These are questions that everyone asks themselves at one time or another, but the answers are often fleeting or misguided.

The core teaching of the Instant Coherence Workshop is creating a meaning that will help you to push through difficult times, and cause coherence when everything else would cause incoherence.

If I use long straight hair as an analogy to show coherence and incoherence… brushing or combing long straight hair is easy when there are no kinks in it. But when we look, life is full of kinks… and our brain, our mind, our feelings give us more kinks than we can overcome.

So we, our lives, our brains are like kinky hair… and life is not smooth sailing… it is like occasionally very rough seas.

Incoherence is the order of the day… but we blame it on life.

But what if we are bringing incoherence to life… Incoherence by our default organizing principle… what we say BEFORE WE SAY HELLO, before we start doing anything.

The Instant Coherence workshop first digs out what is our default organizing principle, and then looks to create a new organizing principle that is designed to create life, our life, coherent…

The moment there is an organizing principle like that, everything wants to align with it, including your emotions, your actions, your breathing, your heart beat… everything.

The tricky things, as I can see at this stage, are the following:
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How does self-fulfilling prophecy really work?

quoplantosmilerevEverybody teaches that what you think about comes about. What they base this inane untruth on is the bad things that you somehow seem to “make happen” by concentrating on them through fear.

And although the fear-based “manifestation” is true a lot of the time, the “positive” manifestation happens only as accident, if ever.

The basis of the “negative manifestation” is called self fulfilling prophecy in psychology, which is a pseudo-science based on observation and theories.

Most of the theories in any discipline are wrong, so nothing special about psychology. What is special is how pseudo religion, law of attraction made it a law… churns my stomach. And we all ate it in our fervent desire to gain some control over our lives.
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