Flexible, floppy. and rigid… which one are you?

flexible, floppy, rigid?What is the difference between people who grow and people who don’t?

When you look at people’s core we see three ways the core behaves:

  • strong and flexible – they will
  • weak and floppy – they can’t
  • weak and rigid – they won’t

Depending on your core you’ll behave in life… So what determines what your core will be like? Continue reading “Flexible, floppy. and rigid… which one are you?”

Why can’t you be deliberate? Deliberate practice. mastery

Deliberate… the opposite of sloppy, floppy, mindless way you now operate

We are all big on what to do… what to eat, what to read, what this and what that… and no one is teaching us how… I don’t necessarily mean the moves… that is not how, that is still what.

The how is somewhat invisible.

Easy… that is a how.
Sloppy, floppy, mindless… these are all hows.
And you guessed right: deliberately… is a how that very few people even begin to know.

So when you watch a youtube video, or an Olympic athlete, you see easy, grace, but you don’t see deliberate.

I am old, and finally I decided to live to the end of my life expectancy, which, obviously requires of me some different things. Eat differently, move differently, think differently.

So as part of this new plan, I watched a core strengthening exercises video on youtube. It was just uploaded two days ago. Continue reading “Why can’t you be deliberate? Deliberate practice. mastery”